Advertising agencies enlisted to promote hand-washing in effort to reduce infant mortality around the world.
South Carolina didn't like being promoted as a destination for gay tourists in a recent London ad campaign.
Rushdie's new book, "The Enchantress of Florence," is a feast of storytelling, alternately set in 16th-century Italy and India.
Celine Dion wins the dubious honor of world's worst song cover -- of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" -- despite some stiff competition.
Resolution on Zimbabwe adopted by leaders at African Union summit calls for dialog between Robert Mugabe and the opposition.
Israel said today that it does not seek hostilities with Iran, but is gravely concerned about the Iranian missile tests.
Iran says it wants to help Afghanistan, but the US government says Iran is also trying to increase its influence there, and supplying weapons to the Taliban.
The effects of China's rapid urbanization in Shenzhen, a former fishing village turned mega-city, just across the border from Hong Kong.
An annual collaboration between publishers and independent booksellers spreads the word about international literature.
An unparalleled rate of urbanization in Beijing has some lamenting that the city has lost its soul.