Full story - January 22, 2019
Philippine's President Rodrigo Duterte speaks behind a blue podium in a white shirt
Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-Catholic scorn does not appear to be seriously damaging his appeal. The first polls of 2019 show the president’s approval rating is up to 80 percent, despite 8 in 10 Filipinos being Catholic.
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dozens of Filipino church goers praying
As the World Economic Forum's annual event in Davos, Switzerland, opens Tuesday, host Marco Werman looks at the issues of global wealth inequality and disruptive trade policies. Plus, unrest in Venezuela this week, as President Nicolas Maduro puts down an attempted uprising of the national guard and his political opposition plans nationwide protests. The World talks with reporter Mariana Zúñiga in Caracas about the current situation there and with Marianne Menjivar of the International Rescue Committee about migrants fleeing Venezuela for Colombia.
Full story - January 21, 2019
Some people sit on top of a border barrier while a crowd gathers on the ground.
Law students from California and around the US have been making their way to the US-Mexico border offering legal services to migrants seeking asylum.
Full story - January 21, 2019
a baby with blonde hair and a white dress receives a vaccination in the left thigh
The list of biggest health threats ranges from Ebola outbreaks to weak primary health care.
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A preacher stands at the front of a mostly full church
When a Columbus, Ohio, church heard The World’s story on the Netherlands congregation's efforts to shelter an Armenian family facing deportation, it sounded familiar. After all, the Columbus church was sheltering an undocumented Mexican immigrant, too. So, the pastor from Ohio flew to The Hague to help.
Full story - January 21, 2019
A white woman with medium length light brown hair holds a banner while in a protest march.
The UN has been able to investigate human rights complaints within the US, but the Trump administration has rejected international oversight.
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A man with a top hat and UK flag draped around his shoulders holds anti-Brexit protest signs
It's clear that Brexit will have far-reaching consequences for Britain, but what about America? Your imported Cadbury Creme Eggs could get more expensive, for one. From shopping to migration, here are a handful of reasons Americans ought to care about Brexit.
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A Sudanese man makes a peace sign with his hands
As the partial government shutdown continues, DACA and TPS recipients were drawn into the stalemate with a proposal by President Donald Trump this weekend that would end the shutdown and give them temporary legal protection, in exchange for funding for a border wall. Democrats say that's a nonstarter. So, what do the people caught up in this political fight say? And we'll get a Mexican perspective on the trial of notorious Mexican kingpin known as "El Chapo," which continues this week in New York City. Plus, a transgender activist who received death threats in Seattle and is now taking refuge in Sweden.
Full story - January 18, 2019
A man leans over a table covered in dozens of identical little red books
Mao Zedong's 'Little Red Book' is an icon. Curators Julie O'Yang and Fernando Eloy have created a similar book — a yellow one — of quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping.
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A man is being handed a flier that says "Listen up Arabs" and describes the Census 2010 process.
The question would have required respondents to answer whether they and everyone in their household is a US citizen. The ruling has been appealed. There’s a small chance it could still end up on the census if the Trump administration can convince the Supreme Court to step in on its behalf. That would all need to happen by the June deadline for finalizing questions so the questionnaires can go to print.