Full story - November 07, 2018
A rainbow stretches across the sky above the US Capitol dome
It’s the day after the US midterm elections. A record number of women were elected while Democrats regained the House and Republicans added to their control of the Senate. We break down what happened and why.
Full story - November 07, 2018
Ilhan Omar clasps her husband’s mother's face in her hands as she smiles
It's a record. After the midterm results are tallied, more than 100 members of Congress are expected to be women.
Full story - November 07, 2018
Democratic congressional candidate Deb Haaland reacts upon learning that fellow Native American Sharice Davids of Kansas also won her midterm election
The 116th Congress is set to look a lot different than any previous one.
Full episode - November 07, 2018
Jeff Sessions resigns as attorney general at President Trump's request the day after midterm elections gave control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats. Also, an Australian film crew observed the midterms and concludes that America is an unhappy and divided place right now. Plus, how the vote is likely to impact US foreign policy, immigration, climate issues and trade. And what we learned about fighting online misinformation this campaign season.
Full story - November 06, 2018
Ilhan Omar
The candidates in the 2018 midterm elections were among the most diverse groups of candidates in American history. Here are the results of some races we've been watching.
Full story - November 06, 2018
People line up in a voting queue. Above them is a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.
Georgia's governor's race has been marked with intense rhetoric and accusations of voter suppression. We followed international election inspectors on the ground in Atlanta.
Full story - November 06, 2018
two cars flash their lights on a sign held by anti-Bolsonaro protesters
In addition to sparking public violence, political divisions have cut deeply into the private lives of Brazilian families. One week after Brazil voted in the far-right Jair Bolsonaro as their next president, reporter Catherine Osborn met up with a 35-year-old banker from Rio de Janeiro named Raquel to speak about how the election had affected her relationships.
Full story - November 06, 2018
A logo of Jollibee company
Jollibee trades in Pinoy pride and nostalgia. Can it also capture the curiosity — and taste buds — of non-Filipino Americans?
Full episode - November 06, 2018
A line of people wraps around a brick building. Most people stand in line, looking at cell phones.
The global spotlight is on the US midterm elections today and that includes international observers monitoring the voting process in the state of Georgia. Also, US sanctions are expected to hit the Iranian economy hard. One side effect? More expensive Persian rugs here in the US. Plus, the popular Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee is opening a store in Manhattan and hoping to appeal to non-Filipino customers.
Full story - November 05, 2018
bitcoin logo on pillow
A new analysis finds bitcoin mining uses more energy, dollar for dollar, than gold mining.