In small cities in Japan's tsunami zone, the rebuilding process is going slowly. Though some cities are trying to use the destruction as a chance to build better communities, they're running into problems of finding funding.
Russia makes a big deal out of International Women's Day. Women are celebrated, getting flowers and gifts. It's described as a combination of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day — all rolled into one.
As Greece's economy struggles to come back to life, one German is doing his part to get things going. He's long been a connoisseur of wine and eight years ago he moved to Greece to get involved in that country's wine market. Now he's trying to bring Greek wine to the world.
The archipelago known as Socotra consists of four small islands located 250 miles off the coast of Yemen. Socotra, known as the “Galapagos of the Middle East,” is populated by hundreds of species that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet — and tourists are flocking there.
As Spain's economy roared, Spanish farmers were able to sell their land for giant profits. But when the economy tanked, farmers who were poised to sell the land were stuck with higher tax bills and no one looking to build new developments.
China's flexing its diplomatic muscle, softly, as it tries to end the violence in Syria. A Chinese envoy was headed to Syria bringing a demand that both sides end the violence and negotiate a peaceful end to the violence that has killed 7,000 people.
Pavegen, a British company, says its designed a system to produce floor tiles that will take the energy produced by people walking and convert it into electricity. Now, the company is trying to figure out scaling, and how to make sure they're durable.
Malay is the national language in Malaysia, but English used to be widely used as well in the former British colony. Now, as use of English diminishes, some parents are worried their sons and daughters won't be as competitive in a global work force. So they're left to find schools that will still teach them in English.
Russians who stood united against Vladimir Putin awoke on Monday to their new political reality. Putin was re-elected. While thousands took to the streets to protest the election, they're also realistic. Many are trying to answer the question, now what?
Geir Haarde is thought to be the first world leader to be put on trial for his role in his country's 2008 economic crisis. The trial of the former Iceland prime minister started on Monday.