For 50-some years, the Cold War dominated life in Russia, Europe and the United State. In the nearly two decades since it ended, though, the physical manifestations of those decades are rapidly disappearing. A museum in California is hoping to hang on to the past and make it real for the future.
British graphic artist Ronald Searle died at the age of 91. Searle was the author of the St. Trinian’s series and was an illustrator for many news publications.
During U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's historic visit to Myanmar last month, she said that even one political prisoner was one too many. Now, there are signs that more of the thousands of people believed to be jailed for politica reasons will be released.
Fiat, the majority owner of Chrysler, is hoping that its Fiat 500 will make a big splash in the United States and erase all memory of the Fiat Brava, a 1980s effort to break into the U.S. market that went down in flames.
Just one town in the United States is named after an Algerian, Muslim jihadist. Elkader, Iowa, is home to probably just two Muslims, gay men who run a local Algerian restaurant.
In the decades since Apartheid ended, many cultural norms in South Africa have remained divided by race. Whites drink wine. Blacks drink beer. But all that is starting to change.
In Fort Dodge, Iowa, a South Korean company is bringing a factory to town. Across the U.S. Midwest, communities are trying to lure foreign investment to get economies going again.
Spanish officials say the country loses a lot of economic productivity when it has holidays fall during the middle of the week. To combat that, they're going to try moving all holidays to Mondays.
As Aceh recovers from the devastating 2004 tsunami and earthquake, the Indonesian province is turning to its unique cultural heritage, rooted in its brand of Islam, to build from.
Though it hasn't been a major issue on the national stage during the Republican presidential primary, immigration remains a deeply political issue across parts of Iowa, especially where meat-packing plants thrive.