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People hold bright yellow signs reading "Defend TPS" in front of the White House in Washington, DC.
Jose Palma, a Salvadoran TPS holder in Boston, said the news was “bittersweet.”
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A man in a military uniform is walking with other people around him
A witness in the impeachment inquiry faced accusations of being a "double agent" by conservative media before his appearance on Tuesday. A retired general who supervised Army Lt. Col. Alex Vindman says the suggestions and innuendo are "reprehensible."
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A black and white image of a newspaper titled "La Amérika"
The Trump administration's immigration policies harken back to the origins of immigration restriction a century ago that sought to keep “undesirables” — like my family — out. 
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A Syrian refugee man works at a bakery in Gaziantep, Turkey, May 16, 2016.
Turkey extended a deadline for Syrians to update their registration cards or move until Oct. 30. But many say they’ve run into problems getting their papers in order, and registrations in larger cities, including Istanbul, have been completely blocked.
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Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is shown in a dress military suit and wearing glasses.
A White House national security official and decorated Iraq War veteran testified before House investigators Tuesday as part of the impeachment inquiry. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, director of European affairs on the National Security Council, personally heard President Donald Trump call with Ukraine's president. Plus, Turkey is struggling to get international support for a plan to resettle 2 million Syrian refugees in a strip of land along the Turkey-Syria border. And we've got a piece about Latin American witchcraft, known as brujería.
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Three men in suits stand with their heads bowed.
When the White House withdrew US troops from Syria, it unwittingly sacrificed one of its core constituencies’ dearest causes — Christians in the Middle East. US actions in the region since the early October withdrawal have been a response to their ire. It’s working — for now.
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The Indigenous president recently won his fourth consecutive election and could be in power for 18 years. His opponents say the vote was rigged.   
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Maria Manrique is shown seated with her hands crossed and a deck of Tarot cards in front of her.
Some spiritual practitioners call themselves witches. Some use the word bruja. Two women have founded a Eleventh House, a group in Miami that is working to break the stigma of occult practices.
Full story - October 28, 2019
Demonstrators wearing masks hold their cell phones, with the flashlights on, over their heads as they are crowded together in a street
Han Dongfang led protesters in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago. Today, he's joining those swelling the streets of Hong Kong. But the energy and the very mentality of the protests are different, he says, because today's Hong Kongers have "tasted freedom" — and are fighting to keep it.
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US President Donald Trump is shown standing at a podium with a seal for the US president with a painting of George Washington behind him.
The leader of ISIS is dead. What could happen now to the terrorist organization, structurally and symbolically, without Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? Also, what data did the US acquire during the raid and how that could help find the far-reaching tentacles of ISIS and for the future fight against the world's most feared terrorist organization? Plus, global shipping firms are under pressure to cut carbon emissions, so some are experimenting with an age-old technology: sails.