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climate rally
Donald Trump repeated his disapproval of the pact just last week at a shale oil and gas conference in Pittsburgh.
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People walk with a banner that reads: "Great Russia, Free internet".
A law known as the "sovereign internet" bill came into force in Russia. It aims to tighten state control over the the internet, which free speech activists say will strengthen government oversight of the country's cyberspace.
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Men in military uniforms hold weapons and are walking into smoke inside building.
A new Human Rights Watch report describes CIA-trained Afghan forces of committing serious abuses — some considered war crimes. The CIA said it has a "robust system of oversight."
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A ballot box in red, white and blue says "Election night ballot box" on it
How secure are US elections after Russian operatives tried to hack voting systems in all 50 states? A new law goes into effect Friday imposing new controls on the internet in Russia. And, as clocks change for daylight savings Sunday, an economist explains why he thinks time zones should be abolished.
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Men in white suits wearing tanks on their backs hold wands over pens with large pigs in them
Nearly 10 million pigs have died this year due to outbreaks of African swine fever. How does the disease spread?
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Former National Security Advisor and USS Ambassador to UN Susan Rice, speaks on stage at the Women In The World Summit in New York on April 11, 2019. 
The former US national security adviser and ambassador to the UN under Obama says the Trump administration's foreign policy has undermined US alliances and upended national security.
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Kerma: Statue of Lady Sennuwy emerging, Dec. 16, 1913
Museums are striving to identify archaeologists’ biases and correct their portrayals of history.
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A tall white man and a shorter white woman walking
Tim Morrison, the top adviser on Russia and Europe in Trump's National Security Council, spoke to investigators Thursday, one day after it was reported he would be leaving his post. But it's unusual that NSC staffers like Morrison are testifying at all, says a former Pentagon speechwriter.
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A man is shown sitting in the balcony of the US House with a vote tallying electric sign in front of him.
The US House of Representatives has voted to proceed with the formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Lawmakers approved rules for the next stage, including public hearings, in the investigation into Trump's attempt to have Ukraine investigate a domestic political rival. Also, President Barack Obama's former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice on impeachment, the US withdrawal from northern Syria and why she thinks the US is exporting what she calls, "instability around the world." Plus, Australia's controversial "backpacker tax," a 15% tax that has hit Americans who earn money while on long-term vacations in Australia, has been ruled illegal.
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People wait in line to get water in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on September 29, 2019.
Magalie Dresse's craft business in Haiti caught fire in a protest. And while scared for the short term, she told The World she's optimistic that recent demonstrations will bring about long-term change.