The Sikh community is often known for its turbans. Sikh men are expected to wear turbans at virtually all times, even while sleeping. But the turbans often lead others to misunderstand or discriminate against Sikhs, so an American Sikh put together a video to try and explain why Sikhs wear turbans, and just how they come to be.
Many people in Sweden are buying up as many classic American muscle cars as they can get. They long for, and in many cases have recreated, a culture that thrived in America of the 1950s and 60s.
Rob Adler Peckerar says there's more to Jewish history than Israel and the Holocaust. As executive director of the non-profit Yiddishkayt, he takes young American Jews on trips to explore their European past. The tours are more about life than genocide.
The Kurdish language was banned in Turkey for years. It's still widely discouraged, but restrictions have been somewhat relaxed. But still, few Turkish Kurds can speak the language. But one 7-year-old girl is trying to change that.
A 19th-century fresco of Jesus Christ has hung in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in northeastern Spain for more than 100 years. But parishioners are reeling after the beloved painting was found defaced. What was first called a case of vandalism has since been identified as one of the worst art restoration projects ever.
Northern Mali was taken over by militants and Islamic extremists and now they're in the process of implementing a system of Sharia law in that part of the country. That's meant an end to musical performances across the part of the country controlled by the extremists.
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad bases his power on his Alawite minority. They make up a big portion of his Army and his government leadership. So, when an Alawite defects, he's cast as an outsider from his own people, but also by the rebels, who don't trust any Alawites.
About a quarter of all people worldwide live without electricity. For them, evenings and nights are spent by candlelight or kerosene lamp. But a group of scientists in Sri Lanka say they have found a creative way to bring simple electric lighting to rural households.
In the 1960s, Poland was short on funds to digitize and maintain its paper archives. They approached the Mormon Church and got its help in doing just that. But somewhere in the intervening years, the Momon Church used those archives and other to posthumously baptize Holocaust victims. That's caused a rift between the Mormons and the Jewish community.
There are always tensions between Israel's Jewish and Palestinian communities. But last week, that tension took a serious turn when a group of Israeli Jewish teens attacked a group of Palestinian teens and sent one to the hospital with serious injuries.