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A 1795 logbook from the slave ship called the Mary is on display at Georgetown University Library.
The logbook, recently discovered in a California closet, now has a new home at Georgetown University where it is being preserved by scholars and digitized.
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In this file photo, Russian opposition leader Vladimir Kara-Murza, vice chairman of Open Russia, testifies before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs about "Civil Society Perspectives on Russia" on Capi
Banishing enemies, fraudulent polls and politically motivated poisonings are all too familiar for Vladimir Kara-Murza, vice president of the Free Russia Foundation, who spoke to The World's host Marco Werman.
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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen talks to the press after the college of EU commissioners in Brussels, Belgium, Sept. 23, 2020.
The European Union is calling for a comprehensive system to manage migration across its 27 member states, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a bold new Paris climate accord target for net-zero carbon emissions by 2060, and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was inaugurated again Wednesday.
Full story - September 22, 2020
In this image made from UNTV video, US President Donald Trump speaks in a pre-recorded message which was played during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Sept. 22, 2020, at the United Nations headquarters in New York.
Michael Green, a former National Security Council adviser, says the lack of dialogue between the US and China "could get us in big trouble."
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US President Donald Trump, shown on a large video screen against a gold leaf wall and the United Nations symbol.
The UN General Assembly is holding its 75th meeting this week in New York — mostly virtually. US President Donald Trump used his address on Wednesday to blame China for the spread of the coronavirus while defending his own response to the pandemic. And the 2020 presidential election will dictate whether the US remains out of the Paris climate agreement for another four years, or reenters it this coming winter. Plus, Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny performed live in New York City on Sunday night, standing on top of a flatbed truck while rolling through city streets.
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A boy sits in a living room at a desk and watches a TV with a lesson airing on it.
For students who normally live in Shanghai, China, going back to school with remote learning from half a world away in the United States has its downs — and a few ups. 
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The United Nations headquarters is seen during the 75th annual UN General Assembly high-level debate, which is being held mostly virtually due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, in New York, US, Sept. 21, 2020.
Annual addresses by world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly kick off Tuesday, China has significantly expanded its mass labor program in the Tibet region, and almost 100 whales have died off the coast of Tasmania.
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Since the fire that engulfed Moria camp on Lesbos island nearly two weeks ago, more than 500 of the 12,000 displaced migrants and refugees have been taking shelter at a center run by Team Humanity, a nonprofit humanitarian organization. 
Greek authorities have moved almost all of the 12,000 displaced migrants and refugees on Lesbos island into a new camp after the Moria camp where they were living was destroyed by fire.
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Venice’s Grand Canal was for centuries a thoroughfare for the global shipping trade on the ancient Silk Road.
Italian populists—skeptical of the value of EU membership—drove Italy to become the first G7 country to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Then the pandemic brought generous EU aid, leaving Italy to reassess who its real friends are and how best to help its economy.
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A technician works in the lab at Visby Medical, makers of a new COVID-19 test kit, in San Jose, Calif., Aug. 28, 2020. 
While some advanced economies in Europe and the Americas are struggling mightily with COVID-19, a few notable industrialized societies that could provide a roadmap for the US to improve its capacity to manage the pandemic, says Dr. Atul Gawande.