Full story - September 10, 2019
A traffic light reading "Free HK" across the red and yellow lights.
Protests against an extradition bill in Hong Kong have become a self-described “revolution” inside the largest authoritarian nation on earth. But how much more dissent will Beijing tolerate?
Full story - September 09, 2019
Foreign troops with NATO-led Resolute Support Mission investigate at the site of a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sept. 5, 2019.
In the wake of Trump's abrupt cancellation of a possible troop drawdown in Afghanistan, one expert says violence from both sides is likely to increase.
Full story - September 09, 2019
A man feeds paper into a machine
At the suggestion of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, many anti-Putin voters decided to vote for anyone other than a candidate from Vladimir Putin's party — even candidates that voters might otherwise find distasteful — in Russia's municipal elections.
Full story - September 09, 2019
A woman in a red pheran stands holding an image of a woman in a red pheran
British Kashmiri writer Sumaya Teli is using the pheran, a traditional piece of Kashmiri clothing, to bring awareness to the situation in Kashmir. 
Full episode - September 06, 2019
A man walks through debris
As rescue efforts in the Bahamas continue, some are using social media and crowdsourcing to help locate missing people and those who need to be evacuated. Robert Mugabe, who led Zimbabwe for 37 years, is dead at 95. We look at his troubled legacy, from liberator of a nation to tyrant. And we hear from the British folk group, The Young'uns, who sing about Brexit and patriotism.
Full story - September 06, 2019
A group of three men are photographed against a world map
The Young'uns is making music that nods at Britain's history of solidarity and inclusion — while they say patriotism is ebbing in their country.
Full story - September 06, 2019
A large, white rocket sits on a launchpad at night time.
India's Chandrayaan-2 is expected to land on the moon Friday as the country seeks its first successful landing. But with two female scientists leading the project, the lunar mission has already made history.
Full story - September 06, 2019
Protesters gather with colorful signs
The proposed map could potentially speed up the development of — and radically transform — popular natural landscapes and historically protected urban architecture. It was rolled out in the midst of an unprecedented political uprising, which might have doomed the proposal to obscurity. Instead, it struck a nerve.
Full episode - September 05, 2019
An aerial photograph showing flooded buildings and debris covering much of the landscape.
As Hurricane Dorian endangers the US East Coast, the full extent of the devastation in the Bahamas is emerging. Plus, former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker explains the complications surrounding peace talks in Afghanistan between the US and the Taliban. And the verdict is in for a French rooster that's been on trial all summer for crowing too loudly: not guilty.