Full story - April 24, 2019
Amal Clooney
On Tuesday, the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning sexual violence in war. It should have been an uncontroversial vote.
Full story - April 24, 2019
A woman stands in front of a banner reading "End Family Detention"
Doctors inspecting detention centers found problems with recruiting and retaining qualified pediatricians and mental health care providers, and a lack of access to emergency and specialty care, given the remote locations of most of the facilities.
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A coffee farmer is shown walking through a nursery with a rake in his hand.
In El Salvador, erratic weather is taking a big toll, agricultural experts say, compounding the challenges for coffee farmers at a critical moment.
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a barn in vermont
Vermont — a state with a declining, aging population and falling birth rates — is trying to be welcoming, but hasn’t quite figured out how to attract new, diverse residents.
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A side profile photo of Kim Jong-un with Russia soldiers in dress uniforms in the background.
What's at stake for the first ever meeting between Russia's Vladimir Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong-un? Also, an effort to make the overwhelmingly white state of Vermont more welcoming to immigrants and foreign citizens. And how climate change is having a big impact on El Salvador's coffee industry.
Full story - April 23, 2019
Satellite view of the Kharg Island oil export terminal in Iran. Very Large Crude Carriers  — "supertankers" — can be seen loading on the sides.
The US has told five countries that they must stop buying Iranian oil. But China may continue to import Iranian crude, despite Washington's protests.
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A man sits in a chair with text next to him: "But Prime Minister The question was did you disclose to the ethics commissioner about your Star Wars collection?"
A Canadian journalist who does impressions on YouTube will voice Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons."
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A man waves a backhoe as it lifts dirt to drop onto four caskets laid out in a row
More than 100 people were killed in the St. Sebastian church in the village of Katuwapitiya. On Tuesday, the community gathered to mourn their dead in mass funerals.
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A woman samples food from a spoon.
In Nigeria, many say being a vegetarian is just not ... Nigerian. But a tiny, growing group is trying to promote a vegetarian — even vegan — diet.
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A woman is show standing with her eyes closed and a holding a candle.
Pradeep Thushantha is mourning his family who lost three children in one of the bombings Sunday in Sri Lanka. And, we learn about a website that tracks Iranian oil tankers who are hiding their movements to avoid US sanctions. Plus, Canada's prime minister meets the Simpsons when the family heads to Niagara Falls and causes an international incident.