Trump announced the plan, billed as the "deal of the century," in Washington, DC, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday. But missing from the announcement were Palestinians — who preemptively rejected the proposal, citing pro-Israel bias. One Palestinian activist speaking prior to the plan's unveiling called it a "scam."

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Five people pose for a photo with music instruments.
The World's Marco Werman speaks with Kevin Hamilton and Clay Ross from Gullah music ensemble "Ranky Tanky."
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Okyeame Ampadu, an 80-year-old farmer in the Volta Region of Ghana
Africa’s turning a corner toward producing fertilizer locally.
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Ukrainian Army servicemembers ride with Javelin anti-tank missiles during a military parade marking Ukraine's Independence Day in Kyiv, Ukraine, Aug. 24, 2018.
The World's Marco Werman speaks to Orysia Lutsevych of Chatham House about the relationship between the US and Ukraine.
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A group of lawmakers are shown wearing dark suits and walking on a marble floor.
Impeachment managers continue pressing their case Thursday in the US Senate, making arguments on the constitutional basis for removing President Donald Trump from office. Plus, it was a year ago when Juan Guaidó declared himself the rightful president of Venezuela amid the country's constitutional and financial crisis. Yet, the regime of Nicolás Maduro has persisted, despite mass protests and a near collapse of Venezuela's economy. And, the deaths of three American crew members in the crash of a firefighting plane in Australia are a reminder of the danger they face, and of the effort to allocate global firefighting resources based on seasons.
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Marta Duque
Staggering hyperinflation and political chaos have forced millions of Venezuelans to flee their country. The majority of them escape by crossing Venezuela’s border with Colombia on foot. Most migrants hope to find work in major South American cities like Bogotá or Lima, but those cities are hundreds of miles away. So, if the migrants can’t afford a bus ticket, they walk.
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House Managers Rep. Adam Schiff is shown wearing a blue suit and tie while surrounded by reporters holding phones and other recording devices.
The rules are set and the opening arguments began today in the impeachment trial of US President Donal Trump in the Senate. Also, did the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, hack into Amazon chief Jeff Bezos's smartphone? Two UN officials say that's exactly what happened. Saudi Arabia calls the allegation against its crown prince, "absurd." And, as world leaders prepare for a commemoration in Israel on Thursday to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, the president of Poland is refusing to participate.
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A security sign at Logan International Airport
The detention and removal of Iranian student Shahab Dehghani from the US at Boston's Logan International Airport drew outrage Tuesday. Immigration lawyers and activists say Dehghani’s case is just one of several examples of how Iranian nationals, especially students, have been subject to aggressive screening at US ports of entry, even if they have valid documents to enter the country.
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A man speaks into a microphone in front of a blue wall.
With his impeachment trial beginning in Washington, DC, US President Donald Trump shied away from environmental issues, which are top of the agenda at the gathering.
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Protesters wear orange suits and black cloth over their heads with an upside down US flag behind them
Psychologist James Mitchell first met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a secret, overseas CIA prison in 2003, where Mitchell was part of a team that tortured him, including waterboarding him more than 180 times.
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Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts is shown in shadow holding a folder and framed by the stone walls fo the Capitol building.
It's day one of US President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate. Trump faces charges of abusing power and obstructing Congress. And, an Iranian student attending Northeastern University has been deported against a federal judge's orders from Boston's Logan Airport. Also, a man from New Zealand and another man in Spain have created an Earth sandwich. Literally — two pieces of bread, placed precisely on opposite sides of the globe.