Lehman Brothers auctions off its multi-million dollar corporate art collection -- the financial downturn's impact on fine arts.
A self-contained, solar-powered system for operating rooms ensure clinics in the developing world aren't impaired by blackouts.
Sales are up for Rosetta Stone, the language learning software that claims to change the way people learn languages.
Documentary film maker Tim Samuels investigates the globalization of pornography and its connection to health issues in developing countries.
The U.S. and WHO encourage African countries to use DDT to fight the spread of malaria, but some Ugandans are protesting.
Pulitzer-Prize winning author Tracy Kidder wrote "Strength in What Remains," the true story of a man who survived the ethnic violence between Burundi and Rwanda and managed to find his way to the United States.
Senator Kennedy was an eminent statesman, champion of health care and education, and major contributor to foreign policy legislation
The tight-fitting Speedos that leave little to the imagination now banned by British theme park for being too revealing and sexually suggestive.
Bicycle frames made of bamboo will be available for sale in the US next year -- they're eco-friendly, extremely durable and made in Zambia.
Glenn Cowan, the founder of Democracy International, has monitored elections in more than three dozen countries and he says Afghanistan’s was the most difficult he’s seen in terms of security.