Full story - June 18, 2019
A man stands inside a newly built house in Guatemala built with remittance money from his son, who lives and works in the US.
Guatemala faces pressure from Washington to stop its citizens from migrating north to the US. But complying with American demands may be nearly impossible for a country where so many people rely on US remittances.
Full story - June 18, 2019
Mohammed Morsi, former president of Egypt, waved to his supporters after casting his vote at a polling station in a school in Al-Sharqya, 37 miles northeast of Cairo, on June 16, 2012.
For many Egyptians who protested during the Arab Spring, Mohammed Morsi never delivered on what they hoped to see happen in the country.
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Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan is shown standing behind a podium with a microphone, looking to his right.
President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has withdrawn from consideration to head the US military. The announcement comes after the president promised to send additional troops to the Middle East as tensions escalate with Iran. Also, the death of Egypt's Mohammed Morsi recalls his brief but turbulent presidency after the Arab Spring. The World's Sarah Birnbaum reports on the theater production, "We Are Cairo," staged by young Egyptians who are working to make sense of the disappointments of the Arab Spring.
Full story - June 18, 2019
A man holds Iranian and American currency
Sanctions on Iran have squeezed the economy since the 1970s, and since US President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal, they have been ratcheting up. Some Iranians are ready to cut and run but others are waiting out the economic storm.
Full episode - June 17, 2019
A photograph is shown being held about a large crowd of people.
Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi collapsed and died in court on Monday. Also, we discuss the tactics protesters in Hong Kong are relying on to avoid being identified by the government's facial recognition technology. Plus, efforts to expand movie audio descriptions to Spanish at movie theaters around the US.
Full story - June 17, 2019
A transgender woman is shown with long black hair and a glittery top.
Amidst conservative pressures and security concerns, transgender women in Istanbul, Turkey, celebrate their beauty.
Full story - June 17, 2019
 Claude Rwaganje and colleague at an event aiding asylum seekers in Portland, Maine
Hundreds of migrants are sleeping in an emergency shelter at the Portland Expo Center in Portland, Maine. Both Portland and the state of Maine have welcomed migrants.
Full story - June 17, 2019
two women read audio descriptions for a theater
Theaters and cinemas in the US are getting more Spanish-language audio descriptions for the visually impaired. But finding the right words is harder than you might think.
Full story - June 14, 2019
Protesters carry banners and placards at a demonstration during a women's strike (Frauenstreik) in Zurich, Switzerland June 14, 2019.
Switzerland lags behind other Western countries in terms of equal pay for women. Thousands walked off jobs in a general strike on Friday to draw attention to pay to salaries and other issues.