Full episode - September 19, 2019
A close-up portrait photograph of Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taken of his left side.
Photos have surfaced of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing brownface makeup. The World's Rupa Shenoy looks into the history of brownface and blackface in Canada, and puts the photos in social context. Plus, India, the world's second-largest consumer of tobacco products, will ban the production and sale of e-cigarettes under a new executive order. And, what to expect when the United Nations holds a special climate summit next week.
Full story - September 19, 2019
Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres
Secretary-General António Guterres has asked countries to come to the UN summit with specific plans for how they intend to cut carbon emissions in line with the most recent science, which says global greenhouse gas emissions must fall 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.
Full story - September 18, 2019
A film still of a man sitting at a dressing room mirror with lights
Michael Idov's new film, “The Humorist,” captures the oxymoronic nature of state-sanctioned Soviet comedy and the downfall of the system through the eyes of character, Boris Arkadiev.
Full episode - September 18, 2019
A pile of metal wreckage is shown on a table in the nearground with an armed security personel in the background.
American and Saudi investigators are pouring through the wreckage from the strikes against the oil facilities this weekend, looking for clues to determine the trajectory of the attack. Also, results from Israel's elections on Tuesday are still coming in and it's looking like a disappointing result for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And, President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement two years ago. What difference has that actually made?
Full story - September 18, 2019
A California car smog check center is seen in Los Angeles with an American flag
US President Donald Trump announced a planned withdrawal from the Paris climate accords two years ago, but states and local governments haven't all followed suit. What impact has US policy whiplash had on the climate two years later?
Full story - September 18, 2019
A judge shakes hands with a man at his citizenship ceremony
After 42 years as a stateless Rohingya refugee, one Chicago man became a US citizen this summer.
Full story - September 18, 2019
Indonesia has set its sights on an eco-utopian capital to be built in Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. There's a glaring problem with the government's plan, though: The island is literally on fire.
Full episode - September 17, 2019
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shown wearing a dark suit and red tie with the Star of David behind him.
Israeli voters headed to the polls on Tuesday. The vote was a do-over and a referendum of sorts on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who failed to create a governing coalition after the last election earlier this year. Plus, how did Qatar, the tiny Persian Gulf country, become the backdrop for the historic negotiations between the US and the Taliban? Finally, a monumental, superhuman task was accomplished: American swimmer Sarah Thomas became the first person ever to swim the length of the English Channel four times in a row.
Full story - September 17, 2019
A member of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) talks with Venezuelans as they queue in line to receive a vaccine after showing their passports or identity cards at the Pacaraima border control, Roraima state, Brazil, on Aug. 8, 2018.
Between the "asylum ban" and cuts to refugee resettlement, advocates say the White House is succeeding in preventing vulnerable people from seeking refuge in the US.
Full story - September 17, 2019
Supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party react to exit polls in Israel's parliamentary election at the party headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Sept. 17, 2019.  One sign says "Trump 2020" as well.
As Israel's voters head to the polls, most expressed anxiety over the outcome of the election.