Full story - August 23, 2019
Fire licks up a palm tree at night
Leaders at the upcoming G7 summit want to talk about Brazil's fires and deforestation policy. It's the first time the environmental policies of one country are seen as a threat to other countries, says a Sâo Paulo professor.
Full episode - August 23, 2019
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is shown looking up and wearing a suit and blue tie with Élysée Palace guards in soft focus in the background.
Britain's new prime minister makes his debut on the world stage this weekend in France. Boris Johnson will meet a host of world leaders at the G7 summit, but lots of eyes will be watching closely for the dynamic between Johnson and President Donald Trump. And, in Iraq, a drone flown by Israel attacked a cache of weapons from Iran. What happened and is this an escalation to watch? Plus, we catch up with the Air Guitar World Championships taking place in Finland.
Full story - August 23, 2019
As two groups of people separated generations ago are reunited, they’re also confronting their differences.
Full story - August 23, 2019
Close up of a white man in front of a star emblem
Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be at the table this weekend when leaders of G7 countries meet in France. But US President Donald Trump says Russia should rejoin the group. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul says that stance makes Trump "look weak."
Full story - August 22, 2019
A persons hands hand onto the metal of the border wall
The Trump administration is challenging the Flores Agreement, which limited detention of migrant children to 20 days, with a new rule. A laywer who has defended Flores says the new rule "lacks any aspect of humanitarianism."
Full story - August 22, 2019
The Singaporean government said incoming fifth and sixth graders won't be ranked based on test scores anymore after reports of suicide and overwhelming stress
Full episode - August 22, 2019
A tree line is shown with smoke all over the photograph.
There's been a record number of fires in Amazon this year. What does it mean for Brazilians and the global climate? Plus, the final story in our series marking 400 years since the first enslaved African arrived in the English colonies: The World's Rupa Shenoy reports from Ghana, where she met with the leader of one ethnic group that has apologized for its role in the slave trade. And Nathan Law, one of the leaders of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, says he's now starting at Yale Law School but is still getting death threats.
Full story - August 22, 2019
Thousands of people make a human chain from Pikk Hermann in Tallinn, Estonia, to Gediminas' Tower in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Aug. 23 in 1989.
The human chain paved the way to Baltic independence, and, on the eve of its 30th anniversary, offers inspiration for Hong Kong protesters.
Full story - August 21, 2019
Wreckage smolders with black smoke after an apparent airstrike
The United Nations is warning of a new humanitarian crisis as airstrikes intensity in Idlib, Syria.
Full episode - August 21, 2019
Several people are shown standing around a tour guide in front of the white facade of the Cape Coast Castle.
Ghana's government is calling on people from the African diaspora to return to the country, marking 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were brought to America. Complicating the anniversary, the US and Ghana are currently in a diplomatic dispute over deportations. The World's Rupa Shenoy traveled to Ghana and met Ghanaians deported by the US to their home country. Also, how the white supremacy movement in the US appears to observers from other countries. And, the former US Ambassador to Denmark shares his thoughts on Greenland, and the diplomatic kerfuffle that's erupted between President Donald Trump and the Danish government.