The Obama administration bans oil drilling in new areas off the U.S. coast while the cause of the oil spill off Louisiana is investigated.
A new animation academy is bringing hope to some of the most violent neighborhoods in South Africa.
A factory in Haiti provides a tree-saving alternative to charcoal by producing briquettes made from trash.
A growing movement among Palestinians in the West Bank advocates non-violent resistance to Israeli occupation.
While President Obama pushes banking reform in the US, leaders in other countries call for a more coordinated global effort.
Journalist Roxana Saberi on how music helped her pass the time in an Iranian prison where she was incarcerated in 2009.
Geoengineering could help with climate change, but the possibility of massive climate interventions raises big concerns.
President Obama wants to change the tax rate for American multinationals, who he says don't pay their fair share for overseas profits.
Last weekend's tragedy in Katyn seems doubly cursed and underscored its meaning in history and Polish-Russian relations.
The violence in the streets of Bangkok over the weekend was the worst in nearly 20 years, as anti-government protesters clashed with security forces.