Creationists in Turkey are on a mission to defend their Islamic faith against Darwin's theory of evolution.
Poland and Czech Republic disappointed about new direction of US missile defense plan; Russia feels they’re finally being understood.
Israel launches diplomatic offensive against UN report accusing Israeli military of war crimes during the war in Gaza last winter.
EU leaders back a proposed international ban on the trade in bluefin tuna, one of the world’s most over-harvested fish.
A current assessment claims al-Qaeda network weakened, its ties to Taliban fraying, and the appeal of its ideology waning.
Haggis may have traveled the world before becoming Scotland's national dish, but it won't be coming to America.
A team from Doctors Without Borders is treating depression in a Rio de Janeiro slum where many residents face rampant violence.
Lehman Brothers auctions off its multi-million dollar corporate art collection -- the financial downturn's impact on fine arts.
A self-contained, solar-powered system for operating rooms ensure clinics in the developing world aren't impaired by blackouts.
Sales are up for Rosetta Stone, the language learning software that claims to change the way people learn languages.