A woman has been arrested in Japan for deleting her virtual husband from an online video game.
South Africa's new president and a new health minister are taking a different approach to fighting the AIDS epidemic there.
About 2.4 million Chinese Americans are of voting age, and a third of them are still undecided.
China's economic summit overshadowed by the European Parliament's decision to award its top human rights prize to a jailed Chinese dissident.
Holland-based 'Triodos' Bank has managed to weather the global financial crunch so far -- by sticking to its socially minded agenda.
If Latinos vote in large numbers in Virginia, they may play a critical role in the outcome of the presidential election.
"Heavy Voodoo," a newly recorded song by Jamaican reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry, was written some 30 years ago, forecasting the current global economic crisis.
President Bush invites world leaders to a summit in Washington next month to discuss the underlying causes of the world economic crisis.
McCain and Obama campaigns target Latinos with Spanish language ads -- how they compare.
The 8th annual Waga Hip-Hop festival is under way in West Africa and the focus this year is on African female rappers.