Dedicated entrepreneurs are pushing solar power as a cheap, clean and safe alternative to the dangerous and dirty kerosene that powers much of the country.
Aid groups are struggling for funds to help victims of Pakistan's floods, and experts warn of dire consequences for inaction.
Staten Island has long been home to newly-arrived immigrants – now a wave of attacks against Latinos has both officials and residents worried, as PRI's The World reporter Alex Gallafent reports from the New York City borough.
A Moroccan boarding school is giving young girls an education for free.
A company in Finland aims to make the internet a bit greener by reusing excess energy to heat water for people's homes.
The cooking stoves used throughout Asia, Africa and South America are significant contributors to health problems and climate change, but replacing them is proving difficult.
Advocates are pushing for major Muslim holidays to be recognized in New York City public schools. Mayor Bloomberg and others say no.
The band Hamac Caziim mixes punk music with traditional stories and language to celebrate the Seri culture.
Chinese labs don't have a great reputation in the research community, but new discoveries on stem cells are changing that.
The free health care services that flooded into Haiti after the earthquake may be saving lives, but they also may be destroying the country's health-care system.