A group accused of involvement in ongoing political violence and the drug trade in Pakistan has started clinics, schools and services for the poor in its community.
More and more Americans are looking to India for employment opportunities, as the US job market continues to struggle.
The minimum retirement age in France will likely rise to the ripe age of 62 very soon. Labor unions are now scrambling to figure out new ways to help France's pensioners.
No matter who wins in Tuesday's elections, American foreign policy will likely change. Some say it already has.
Voters have seen fear mongering and political wrangling over the issue of job losses to China in the current election.
Forget Arizona. Prince William County in Northern Virginia may be the model for strict immigration reform.
Linking unemployment to illegal immigration is popular in this year's election campaigns, but economists say take a closer look.
Preservationists and other Iraqis are battling over whether to tear down Saddam Hussein's old monuments or preserve them for history's sake.
An American expat sets out on a difficult undertaking: to open a business in Ukraine without paying any bribes.
A new teaching program in South Africa encourages reading and math skills using students' cell phones.