Full episode - July 17, 2020
A road is shown with a row of large barrels with the colors of the Syrian flag painted on them.
What should a country do when a citizen leaves to join a terrorist group overseas, then wants to return home? That debate has taken a turn in the United Kingdom. And, India joined a grim club Friday, becoming the third country globally to record more than 1 million cases of the coronavirus behind only Brazil and the US. Plus, a pub landlord in Cornwall, England, is serious about social distancing — so much so he's installed an electric fence in front of his bar to encourage customers to keep their distance.
Full story - July 17, 2020
People wear face masks as they shop in a main market in Jerusalem, Israel, July 16, 2020.
Israeli officials took quick action against the coronavirus this spring and reduced the rate of infections to one of the lowest in the world. The situation is quite different today. Experts say Israel went from being a model for other nations to a cautionary tale on what happens when a nation opens too much and too quickly.
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Ysabel Turner created an altar in her 2018 exhibit at the New York City Aperture Foundation.
Artist Ysabel Turner says she realized years ago that she needed to divorce her Puerto Rican identity from the Goya brand. She used her photographic series to do just that.
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Two people are shown sitting on park benches with a man walking past on a sunny day.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday he hopes Britain could return to "normality" before Christmas. And, India has joined a grim club becoming the third country globally to record more than 1 million cases of the coronavirus. Also, British Airways announced it plans to retire its entire fleet of Boeing 747s because of the massive downturn of passenger travel over the coronavirus pandemic.
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Students wearing face masks walk in line to enter a high school as they take part in the annual national college entrance exam, or "gaokao", which has been postponed by one month due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Beijing, China July 7
Many Chinese families have staked their futures on education in the US but more and more are wondering if it’s worth the risk. 
Full episode - July 16, 2020
A screen is shown with green zeros and ones with a white keyboard in the nearground.
According to US, British and Canadian intelligence agencies, Russian hackers have allegedly been targeting researchers to steal COVID-19 vaccine-related research. And, in Iran, a rare online protest went viral this past week, calling for the end of the death penalty there. Also, climate scientists say record-breaking summer temperatures around the world may become the new normal. But, one solution to fight the heat in cities is tiny dense urban forests.
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A woman holds a banner that reads "Free abortion covered by social security" during a pro-choice march to celebrate the government ending its plan to reform Spain's abortion law in Madrid September 28, 2014. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Tuesday
Since becoming legal in 1985, right-wing politicians have periodically made feeble attempts to limit or ban access to abortions. Each time it happens though, the action is met with strong pushback from the public. 
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A helmeted head is blurry in the foreground, behind it, a line of protesters on a balcony
Physicist Yangyang Cheng was born in mainland China and took advantage of a visa program a decade ago to come to the United States to study. She says she's troubled by the language politicians and governments are using to promote resettlement policies for Hong Kong residents.
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A row of brick shelters are shown amidst a sandy desert location with three people walking in the distance.
A British appeal court ruled today that Shamima Begum, who in 2015 went to Syria to join ISIS, can return to the United Kingdom to challenge the government's removal of her British citizenship. And, officials from the US, Britain and Canada said today that Russian hackers are trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research. Also, Europe's highest court has ruled that the so-called Privacy Shield trans-Atlantic data transfer deal is invalid.
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Dallas County voter Maria Cruz, left, along with her daughters Catalina and Susana Cruz, voted in Tuesday's primary runoff in Texas.
With four months left until Election Day in November, US presidential candidates are ramping up their efforts to court Latino voters.