An international team of scientists has made a discovery that may change our understanding of the history and future of AIDS.
The Middle East is running out of clean water; Israeli and Palestinian leaders don't want to talk about it, but grassroots organizations say they have no choice.
An Indian-born Canadian stand-up comic was just named one of the ten highest-earning comedians in the world; his humor often makes fun of various ethnic groups.
Global investors are watching the American health care debate closely to determine its economic impact.
Former Taliban leaders and US counter-insurgency experts explore the Taliban's motivations, and whether the US military is making progress in understanding them.
"Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf" was a list of literature classics compiled by Harvard president Charles Eliot back in 1909. Last week we asked YOU to tell us which books you'd put on a Five Foot Shelf in 2009.
Pakistan is in the middle of a war against Al-Qaeda's allies, the Taliban -- how Pakistan has turned against the movement it once supported.
A new type of political party is springing up in countries across Europe: The Pirate Party wants to reform intellectual property law in the cyber world.
Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline says it will allow manufacturers to produce generic versions of all its HIV and AIDS medicines.
Join an online discussion with energy expert Julian Wong -- find out whether China is outpacing the US when it comes to energy efficiency.