The Armenian national chess team is the pride of the country and now the nation's schools are trying to bring chess into the classrooms.
For Rastafarians, the goal for many is to move back to Africa to live in the land where they believe the Messiah came from: Ethiopia. But the relationship with Ethiopia is intense, where the locals object to the Rastafarians' separate culture.
The Chinese are becoming more and more fond of purchasing organic produce--but not so much for the health benefits but because it can help them hopefully avoid tainted foods.
The global stock markets fell precipitously Tuesday after the Greek Prime Minister announced the country would hold a referendum on the country's proposed austerity measures and the EU bailout.
As residents of Bangkok, Thailand, try to make sense of the intense flooding gripping their neighborhoods, government officials say the worst has passed. Not everyone is so sure.
Kosovo's wine industry was facing ruin in the 1990s, when the former Yugoslavia fell apart, and it was plunged into war. Now there are signs that a once-thriving industry is getting back on its feet.
The art of making sugar skulls for Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico is disappearing as artisans to make them give up the craft or die. Day of the dead is celebrated Nov. 1 and 2.
With the passage of the Dodd-Frank legislation last year, U.S. electronics companies had to ensure their supply chains didn't include minerals produced in conflict mines. It's provided an opening for China, but it's also caused the Congolese government to make changes.
Near 100 years after their last major use in combat, the British Army museum is taking time to remember all the horses that were vital in war through the years.
As the tides rise in Thailand, flooding is getting worse in parts of Bangkok. There are fears that with even higher tides forecast for this weekend, flooding could inundate parts of the city that have so far remained dry.