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A logo adorns a wall on a branch of the Israeli NSO Group company, near the southern Israeli town of Sapir, Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021.
John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher with The Citizen Lab in Canada who discovered the Apple iPhone breach with his colleagues, joined The World's host Carol Hills to talk about the international spyware marketplace that fosters these kinds of exploits.
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Protesters hold signs
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been brutally cracking down on opposition both at home and abroad. Many have fled to neighboring Lithuania.
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South Korea's Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs Noh Kyu-duk, right, speaks during a trilateral meeting with Japanese Foreign Ministry's Director-General of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Takehiro Funakoshi, and
Both North and South Korea tested ballistic missiles on Wednesday within hours of each other. Over the weekend, Pyongyang said that it had successfully launched a long-range cruise missile — its first test in six months. Also, this week, Apple rushed to update its iPhone software after security vulnerabilities were discovered. A hacking tool developed by Israeli spyware firm NSO Group was shown to easily target iPhone users. Plus, a high-profile case of sexual harassment has been dismissed by a court in Beijing. Former TV intern Zhou Xiaoxuan’s case has been a focal point for China’s #MeToo movement.
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People ride their bicycles at the marina port in Oslo, Norway
This contradiction became a key issue during the country's elections this week. Based on the results, it isn't likely to be fully resolved soon.
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A closeup photograph showing the inside of a computer with micro-chips and other wiring.
Top of The World: Court documents have revealed that three former US intelligence and military officials were working for the United Arab Emirates to carry out hacking operations. And, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has ordered the firing of the Port-au-Prince chief prosecutor who was investigating the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Also, Afghanistan’s women’s soccer team have left the country and arrived in Pakistan following the Taliban’s takeover
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Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar's armed forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers his speech at the IX Moscow conference on international security in Moscow, Russia. 
Two governments claim to run Myanmar. Will the United Nations accept Myanmar’s widely despised military regime or will it recognize a new revolutionary government that has massive public support? Also, Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. Now, the mayor of Helsinki wants to declare the capital an English-language city, but not everyone agrees. And renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's most physically fit athletes. Ronaldo's clean-food living has inspired his fellow players to skip dessert on at least one occasion. 
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fghan women and a girl shop for dresses at a local market in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, Sept. 10, 2021.
The Taliban has issued a decree calling for female university students to fully cover their bodies and most of their faces in a return to Afghan tradition. Historian Bahar Jalali fully disagrees. She started a now-viral campaign over the weekend to showcase the diversity of Afghan women's traditional dress.
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UNICEF says 50% of children living with HIV in Africa will die before they reach their second birthday if untreated.
Ghana faces an acute shortage of antiretroviral drugs, endangering the health and the lives of tens of thousands of HIV-positive children and pregnant women. Health officials say this has pushed their efforts to end the AIDS epidemic backward.
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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is shown on a TV hanging on the wall in the distance with several people wearing face masks stand in the nearground.
Top of The World: The US’ top diplomat, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, defended the country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. And, Pope Francis has begun a four-day visit to Slovakia after a seven-hour stop in Hungary. Also, nearly 45% of young people interviewed in a global survey say they feel anxiety or distress about climate change
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Pedestrians walk along Aleksanterinkatu, the main shopping street, in Helsinki, Finland.
The mayor of Helsinki says the Finnish capital should declare itself an English-language city to try and attract more foreign workers. Not everyone is impressed with the mayor’s proposal.