Donald Trump has callously thrown around accusations of treason aimed toward his political rivals — others think the president's actions are worthy of the charge. Treason is a high bar to prove in the US, but in Ukraine, a presidential treason conviction was announced earlier this year. And it has lessons for American democracy, experts say.

Suicide bombers aren't the crazed, religious nuts we usually think they are; instead they are created by psychological conditioning.
Canadian fans at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
At Vancouver's Olympic games, Canadian fans raised a cheer for Team USA's silver medal effort.
London hopes the 2012 Olympics will transform its blighted East End, but the economics are a bit uncertain.
Some towns make handcrafts or goods for niche markets, but one indigenous village in Oaxaca produces highly-skilled musicians.
Civilian deaths in NATO strike over weekend undermines overall mission in Afghanistan says US military commanders.
Writer Ted Conover talks about the many roads he's traveled on the way to his new book, "The Routes of Man."
A video making the rounds online features actors dressed up as peasants singing American jazz standards with Japanese lyrics.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used strong words to describe Iran's government, and proposes tough, new sanctions.
A new study from the University of Leeds in England finds links between excessive internet use and depression.
Frank Sinatra's “My Way” deadly to sing in Philippine karaoke bars as altercations over the song have resulted in several deaths.