Africans have flocked to Europe for years, in search of a better life and to make money they could send back home. Now, as Europe's economy struggles, many Africans are ready to pack up and head back home, where the economy is better.
Many in Haiti are still without permanent housing, years after the earthquake that rocked the country. Many of them live on land belonging to others, or in situations that may be dangerous, and they're upset be efforts to move them out.
In the world of Markus Will, the euro is gone and Germany is returning to the deutschmark. Though the book is fictional, it takes a scenario that is possible and plays it out to perhaps it's most shocking extreme.
Srebrenica was the site of one of the worst atrocities of the lengthy Serbian civil war. Thousands of Bosniaks, Bosnian Muslims, were killed there. In the aftermath of the massacre, the town is largely Serbian. But a quirk of policy has allowed Bosniaks who moved out of town to continue to vote in the city's elections. But that's poised to change.
Arthur's Day, celebrated last Thursday, has been a way for Guinness to get itself back into pubs across Ireland and to get the Irish out of their homes and back into the bar.
Haiti's got a new leader who is determined to make the country more environmentally friendly. Along the way, he's trying to save one of the country's national parks. But at the same time, he's also forcing some long-time park "residents" away from the only home they know.
Ethiopia answered the call of the United Nations in the 1950s and sent three battalions to South Korea to repulse the North Korean offensive. Along the way, they distinguished themselves for their valor, but also for their tradition of bringing all of their war dead home with them — a tradition embraced by the United States soon after.
South Korea has some of the highest suicide rates in the country — and yet people still won't talk about how to get help. But the Seoul government is trying to combat the problem, by changing the atmosphere and environment on one bridge that has proven to be a regular spot of suicide attempts.
The Chinese government finally announced when its Party Congress would take place, the event where its leadership turns over and a new generation steps up. Among those competing for a top spot is Wang Yang, a top party leader in Guangdong province.
When diplomats and leaders from 193 countries converge on New York City and the United Nations, things get a bit humbled. Of course, the traffic is bad. But people get tangled up over what the United Nations should be doing. The situation in the Middle East, including the American video Innocence of Muslims, was top of mind.