The coronavirus pandemic has exposed entrenched health inequities for communities of color in the US and around the globe. As part of our regular series discussing the pandemic and as a special podcast in The World's feed, reporter Elana Gordon moderated a conversation with Nancy Krieger from Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Krieger recently co-authored an analysis confirming the extent of such disparities.

Russia has had a reputation of being unfriendly, or even downright hostile, to people with disabilities. But that's starting to change. Yulia Simonova, a disability rights advocate, says Russia, at least in cities, is taking steps to be more friendly and welcome to those with disabilities.
Greece is a largely Orthodox Christian country. Now, grant you, many are only loosely practicing, culturally they identify with the Greek Orthodox Church, which is still intimately involved with government. But a small, but growing, number of Greeks are looking to ancient history to form a new religious system.
Many undocumented immigrants in the United States have a problem: they need to drive to work and to access basic services, like healthcare. But in many states, they're not entitled to driver's licenses, which makes even getting to the hospital after being thrown by a bull, a major struggle.
At the height of the Cold War, a small group of Army personnel monitored communications in Soviet-controlled East Berlin. They'd send the recordings back to NSA headquarters in Washington and — in many ways, are the precursors to the modern surveillance system that has become so controversial.
Brazil's been hit with protests recently, and police are prepared for that. But when the World Cup and Olympics come to town, the problem won't be street protests, but rather the possibility of terrorism. Brazilian security forces are gearing up, so they're ready.
Brazil's economy is emerging rapidly, which means signs of increasing wealth are everywhere, even in slums. But these are one-offs. For the country to truly thrive, its officials have decided, it needs better access to higher education. And that's become one of its biggest priorities.
Australia allows wide-ranging gambling on sports, and until recently allowed it to be discussed on sports broadcasts as well. But as the amount of gambling advertising exploded recently, the government balked. Now broadcasters are proposing their own code of conduct.
In the middle of midterms at South Africa's Centre of Science and Technology high school, one of the students lost his mom — who succumbed to illness. Now the teenager, Sive, is the man of the house and must balance those responsibilities with coursework, homework, being a student and, hopefully, charting a future for himself.
Turkey's been roiled by protests for days, with protesters and government supporters digging in their heels. But as the government has lashed out at protesters, the protesters have taken the criticism in stride, even turning the criticism into songs and motivation to carry on.
Felipe Montes accumulated traffic tickets -- so many that he was hauled into court in the small North Carolina town where he lived. Waiting for him there, though, were U.S. immigration officers. Montes was eventually deported, his U.S. citizen children placed in foster care and his long nightmare was just beginning.