Full story - May 08, 2019
It's been called an epidemic that has gone on for generations. Indigenous women, disappearing in both the US and Canada. Until the last few years, the public has paid little attention to their stories. But the families of these missing and murdered women are demanding to be heard — and counted.
Full story - May 08, 2019
A man stands at a podium with an Iranian flag behind him
If other parties to the Iran nuclear agreement don't work to ease sanctions pressures, Iran could walk away from the deal, as US President Donald Trump did one year ago. "The difference is that if Iran walks away from the nuclear deal, then it will restart all the aspects of the nuclear program that the deal had constrained," says Dina Esfandiary.
Full episode - May 08, 2019
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is shown in a close-up photograph wearing glasses and looking to his left.
Are the US and Iran heading into a confrontation? We answer those questions on the one-year anniversary of the Trump administration's decision to pull out of the Iran deal. Also, Indigenous women in the US and Canada go missing or are murdered at alarming rates, much higher than the general population. And, a closer look at the global push to make plant-based burgers that mimic meat — as a way to help save the planet.
Full story - May 08, 2019
Burger King patrons in St. Louis were greeted by a somewhat confusing menu: A Whopper with no beef.
The Whopper is an icon of American culture. But the Whopper is getting a complete overhaul. And when we say complete, we literally mean complete.
Full episode - May 07, 2019
Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are shown waving and giving the thumbs up sign while smiling.
Approximately 6,000 prisoners were released on Tuesday in Myanmar, including two Reuters journalists who were arrested in 2017 after reporting on a massacre of ethnic Rohingya. Plus, the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" has led many women in the Ethiopian diaspora to share their experiences of sexual abuse. And, we visit the town of Belleek on the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland border that suffered from years of sectarian fighting.
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Collen Malatji
There’s a day to go before South Africa’s national elections on May 8, and Collen Malatji, the African National Congress’ youngest parliamentary candidate, is trying to convince people in Dukathole to get to the polls and vote for the party that has governed South Africa for the past quarter of a century.
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members of the Ethiopian diaspora
The documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" brought attention to African American girls who were victims of sexual abuse by an older man. For those in the Ethiopian community, the film opened up the floodgates.
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Richard Holbrooke sits in a small military vehicle holding a bottle.
Richard Holbrooke was an influential diplomat who's ideas shaped US foreign policy in the late 20th century. Author George Packer spoke with Carol Hills about Holbrooke and his new book, "Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century," which explores the complex and often contradictory ideas and lifestyle of Hoolbrooke and gives us an intimate look at the major events and people in his life.
Full episode - May 06, 2019
The roots of several mangrove trees are reflecting on the river with lush green colors in Malaysia.
A new UN report says human activity has pushed one million species to the brink of extinction. Also, the rise and fall of Richard Holbrooke — one of the best known diplomats in recent decades. And, the IRS now counts the Satanic Temple as a religious organization.
Full story - May 06, 2019
The Satanic Temple
From trolling the religious right to being recognized by the IRS as a real religion, the Satanic Temple is on the rise. And with growth comes a new challenge.