Full story - February 15, 2019
France MeToo
​​​​​​​The private Facebook group was was made up of prominent French journalists — mostly men — who were behind a wave of online insults aimed at women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, and other minority groups.
Full story - February 15, 2019
Researchers aboard the Nathanial B. Palmer gather on the ship’s bridge to view one of the first icebergs they encountered.
The World’s Carolyn Beeler is on a ship bound for Antarctica on an expedition looking into the fate of one of the frozen continent's biggest glaciers. What they learn could tell us a lot about how quickly sea levels around the world will rise.
Full story - February 15, 2019
Members of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) hold stencils made by French street artist C215 representing portraits of emprisonned Turkish journalists,
The special unit has its roots in federal efforts to hunt Nazis living in the United States after World War II.
Full episode - February 15, 2019
President points directly to the camera during a speech.
President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency in order to obtain more funding for a wall on the US-Mexico border. We ask the mayor of Brownsville, Texas, for his reaction. And Mexico's former ambassador to the US discusses the lack of dialogue between Mexico and the Trump administration regarding the wall plans. Plus, another dispatch from Antarctica.
Full story - February 14, 2019
Three women in Saudi Arabia wearing black.
In 2015, the Saudi government launched an app called Abhser — which roughly translates to “yes sir” — that allows men to grant some of those permissions through clicks and swipes. But the app is also helping some Saudi women escape the country.
Full story - February 14, 2019
Ken Kraus receives a medal in front of an airplane
Many Americans remember the Iranian Revolution in 1979 for the storming of the US embassy and the hostage crisis that followed. That, however, was not the first time the embassy in Tehran was breached by protesters. The first time was on Valentine's Day in 1979. Marco Werman speaks with Ken Kraus, a sergeant in the Marine detachment protecting the embassy that day, about what he witnessed.
Full story - February 14, 2019
A young girl is lit up on a stage with an enormous dark monster behind her.
The Trump administration has canceled Temporary Protected Status for more than 300,000 immigrants, some of whom who have lived in the US for two decades. They are mobilizing for a path to residency, and with them, their US-born children are picking up the fight.
Full story - February 14, 2019
Demonstrators wave Turkish and East Turkestan flags as they shout slogans during a protest against China, in Istanbul, Turkey November 6, 2018.
Turkey ended several years of conspicuous silence on China's massive incarceration campaign of Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang. Some hope it's a tipping point for other Muslim nations to finally weigh in.
Full episode - February 14, 2019
Ken Kraus receives a medal in front of an airplane
Vice President Mike Pence criticizing US allies criticized US allies — Britain, France and Germany — for taking the wrong approach toward Iran in Poland. And a Marine remembers this day in 1979 when the US embassy in Tehran was breached by protesters. Plus a play staged in Washington by the children of immigrants who've been protected by TPS, or Temporary Protected Status.
Full story - February 13, 2019
hungarian woman reaches under a partition for money
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called for larger Hungarian families to combat the country's low birth rate and shrinking labor force. In exchange, he's willing to provide financial benefits and programs for women like loan expansion programs, subsidies for cars, and no required income tax for women with four or more children.