Full story - March 22, 2019
A shadowy face of Michael Jackson
Since the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland" aired, many institutions around the world have distanced themselves from Michael Jackson's work. But some museums in Europe are going ahead with an exhibit that details the cultural phenomenon that is Michael Jackson.
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Gonzaga forward Rui Hachimura dunks the basketball against Saint Mary's during the first half in the finals of the WCC Basketball Championships in Las Vegas, March 12, 2019.
Gonzaga is a favorite to go far in the NCAA basketball tournament. The team is powered by a 21-year-old budding superstar from Japan, who many are predicting to be that country’s greatest basketball player — ever.
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Activists hold hands outside the National Congress in Argentina.
In Argentina, abortion is illegal — except in cases of rape, incest and danger to the life of the mother. But abortion rights activists say even those rare cases where abortion is lawful, women and girls have a hard time accessing one.
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The Nathaniel B. Palmer is seen on the water with this ship's red bottom and cream colored top.
The researchers aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer are excited to return home after spending weeks studying Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. While the comfort of their own beds await, there’s also the important work of writing up their research findings.
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several people are seen demonstrating and holding signs that read "Sea for Bolivia, Sea unit us."
Every year on March 23, “Día Del Mar” or "National Day of the Sea," marks the “historical injustice” of the 250-mile Pacific coast that Bolivia lost to Chile in the War of the Pacific.
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Migrants sitting and laying on mats are shown spread across a high school gymnasium floor.
The border city is a case study in how Mexican municipal and state-level officials are charged with handling the effects of increasingly restrictive US immigration policies largely on their own.
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Thai elections
Imagine if, in the US, the House of Representatives was elected, but the Senate was entirely chosen by the Pentagon. That crudely approximates what Thailand’s junta has created.
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The white house
Special Counsel Robert Mueller today delivered his report to the Attorney General, marking the end of an investigation that started nearly two years ago. What do we know about the finances of President Trump? And pressure has been building on museums and other institutions to reject philanthropic support from the Sackler family, whose fortune derives from its pharmaceutical company and profits from the prescription painkiller OxyContin. And Bolivians celebrate "Día Del Mar" this weekend, a holiday which marks when the country lost its coastline to Chile 140 years ago.
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a knitted clitoris is held in front of the Camden Market sign
Iceland already has a penis museum.
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A woman with a microphone addresses the crowd surrounding her in the rain.
Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced landmark immigration legislation that would extend paths to legal status for an estimated 2.6 million non-citizens in the US. The bill is historic, say immigration advocates, even though it’s not likely to pass.