Full story - October 18, 2018
Google sign in shadows at conference in Shanghai
Vijay Boyapati says he 'immediately felt very uncomfortable' when he say censorship requirements for the project.
Full episode - October 18, 2018
A woman is shown in a white jacket waving flags that resemble the Canadian flag but also include a maraijana leaf in the middle.
A former Google employee refused to work on censored Google products for China. Also, Japan is in desperate need of foreign workers to take care of its elderly population. And, in Canada, pot is now legal.
Full story - October 18, 2018
A man throws a plastic water bottle into a dark gray sea
A group of Koreans dumps water bottles loaded with rice, medicine and USB drives into the sea on the North Korean border. They hope that the information loaded into those USBs can spark some sort of revolution in the North.
Full episode - October 17, 2018
US President Donald Trump, wearing a suit and striped tie, is seen standing with several Saudis.
There's mounting pressure on the Trump administration to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the suspected murder of a Saudi journalist. But it will be tricky, given the deep financial ties between the US and Saudi Arabia. Plus, Saudi oil is no longer as important to the US economy as in the past. Also, why Spain's life expectancy is on the rise. A hint: it involves olive oil.
Full story - October 17, 2018
A woman holds up a green sign with white letters that says "Women for Bolsonaro"
Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro's hardline positions speak to working-class voters who say they feel the left has abandoned them.
Illustration of young woman sitting in car, arms folded in despondent pose, while older man is driving, with prayer beads hanging from rearview mirror and Buddha figurine on dash
Aye Aye Dun says her parents told her to ignore what was happening to Rohingya in Myanmar. So she got organized.
Full story - October 16, 2018
Three young women from Indonesia smile for the camera
Who will care for Japan's elderly? The government is now welcoming foreign workers to fill the labor gap, but some say racism and discrimination are major obstacles in Japanese society.
Full episode - October 16, 2018
US Sen. Elizabeth Warren is shown wearing a blue jacket leaning against a marble wall.
How do you define and measure Indigenous groups? The World's Rupa Shenoy looked over Sen. Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American ancestry and how it all fits into a history of the US government trying to define Native Americans. Plus, a Myanmar campaign to spread anti-Rohingya propoganda on Facebook. And, how a Salvador Dalí painting was stolen from Rikers Island.
Full story - October 16, 2018
three men stand on podiums, two with their fists in the air
In 1968, Andrew Larkin and his Harvard teammates represented the United States at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City. There, American runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith turned the world on its head by raising two fists in the air while the national anthem played.
Full episode - October 15, 2018
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is shown in a close-up photo with his traditional head wrap.
Not too long ago Mohammed bin Salman was seen in the West as a reformer. Now, after the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, his image is called into question. Plus, the first installment in our series on the Arctic Circle. And, a family separated at the border is back together now in Guatemala, but the parents say their daughter has changed.