Peter Galbraith, recently dismissed from UN mission in Afghanistan, accuses Karzai's government of 'blatantly stealing an election.'
China has grown beyond recognition in the past sixty years, and its government is trying to spur innovation to insure continued growth.
A sleeping-bag-like incubator, the Embrace, was created to help save low-birth-weight or premature babies.
Sixties icon Marianne Faithfull on her new covers album, what's on her iPod and the music she calls the soundtrack of her life.
A project in Iceland aimed at removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it beneath the earth’s surface shows promising results.
Why the world economy needs Americans to drink more foreign beer, and what this has to do with the G20.
Sergei Mikhalkov wrote the lyrics to the Soviet national anthem during World War II, but rewrote it decades later to better reflect the times.
An AIDS vaccine trial in Thailand showed the vaccine cut the risk of infection by as much as a third; scientists encouraged by results.
A lack of rain and political unrest is threatening East Africa with starvation; Kenya is one of the hardest hit areas.
Businesses in Pittsburgh attempt to market to the G20, and find less than stellar results.