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US President Donald Trump walks to board Air Force One as he travesl to Florida for Easter weekend, at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, April 18, 2019.
Mueller’s team focused on evidence of criminal conspiracy, not collusion. The report indicates “numerous links” between the Trump campaign and Russia that may still look like collusion to a layperson.
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newspapers in peru
Since fomer President Alan García's death, there has been a flood of unverified death-bed photos, doctored audio and rumors published on social media and in tabloids.
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Four rows of 8 small pages of the Mueller report are displayed in a grid. Several are redacted — one is completely redacted.
We counted the percentage of each page of the report that was redacted. Then we made a song out of it.
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Secret Service agents are shown backlit, walking along the north lawn of the White House which is seen in the distance.
Now that the Mueller report is out, we're looking ahead to the next election and how prepared (or not) the US is to prevent Russian or other foreign interference, cybersecurity attacks and disinformation campaigns. Also, there are concerns about more trouble in Northern Ireland after a journalist was killed covering an outbreak of violence in the city of Derry. And Peru's experience with fake tabloid news in the 1990s created a generation of people who either believe fake news or doubt everything they read.
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Thando Hopa stands on a red carpet.
Vogue Portugal's most recent cover features a black woman with albinism, Thando Hopa. A lawyer and activist from South Africa, she's the first model with albinism to appear on the cover of the global fashion magazine.
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US Attorney General William Barr is shown standing at a podium with the Department of Justice emblem on it, flanked by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
Drilling down the Mueller report and how Russians are viewing the redacted document. Plus, North Korea tested a new tactical guided weapon and it no longer wants to negotiate with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. And, we hear from the first person with albinism ever to appear on a Vogue cover.
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Since the 2016 attempted coup in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has jailed thousands of people, including doctors, teachers, lawyers — and mothers. A group of Turkish women in the US has found a way to help imprisoned women share their stories in their own voices.
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Mount Everest and the Himalayan mountain range covered in snow, seen from above.
Two climbers are hoping to chart a new course up Everest with no oxygen, ropes or guides. If they make it, it'll be the first new route to the summer in 10 years.
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Carmen Zorrilla, an obstetrician in San Juan, Puerto Rico's main public hospital and the principal investigator at the Maternal-Infant Studies Center, heard of several unplanned home births after the storm. It worried her.
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In Japan, people only eat about 30 grams of whale meat a year — about the size of a slice of ham. So, why is whaling still so popular there?