Last year marked two decades of Vladimir Putin in power in Russia. Here are the events that have shaped — or been shaped — by the former KGB officer.

Full story - December 27, 2019
A man wears a black shiny outfit and performs with backup dancers
The World has given some thought to the musical trends that have stood out over the past decade. From K-pop to viral videos to a resurgence in vinyl, host Marco Werman highlights some of these trends, and more.
Full story - December 27, 2019
A young woman sits in front of a laptop typing.
In the wake of the college admissions scandal and ongoing drama around affirmative action policies at elite colleges, what is it like to be a high school student, a Latina, and a first-generation college applicant?
Full episode - December 26, 2019
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting
The Kremlin cracks down on its critics. Meanwhile, in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, there’s an effort playing out to hold accountable local politicians accused of wrongdoing. And Sandra the orangutan from Argentina was granted nonhuman "person" rights in 2014. Now, she has found a place to enjoy her personhood: the Center for Great Apes in Florida. It took an unprecedented act of international cooperation to get her there.
Full story - December 26, 2019
The cover of "Alma and How She Got Her Name"
"Alma and How She Got Her Name" explores themes of immigration and identity. Author Juana Martinez-Neal explains the story behind the book and talks about what inspired her.
Full story - December 26, 2019
Two men in suits lean in to speak with each other
The instances of corruption coming to light in Ukraine these days aren’t necessarily warning signs of a country moving backward. They’re signs of progress.
Full story - December 26, 2019
A man stands at a counter holding an urn with many urn designs behind him
With cemeteries filling up and the rising cost of traditional burials, cremation is a preferred option for a growing number of Greek citizens, but the church considers cremation a sin.
Full story - December 26, 2019
Syria conflict
Michèle Flournoy was the undersecretary of defense for policy under Barack Obama and now runs a strategic consulting firm, WestExec Advisors, in Washington, DC. She spoke to The World's host Marco Werman about the conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan.
Full episode - December 25, 2019
A newspaper stall owner wears a gas mask
In Hong Kong, clouds of white smoke and tear gas again fill the air as residents experience what they're calling a "white Christmas." Several clashes took place in shopping malls in prime tourist neighborhoods. Host Marco Werman speaks with one of the protest leaders about this latest escalation in the campaign against Hong Kong's government. Also, we'll check in with James Scott at the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. He'll tell us how thousands of volunteer fire firefighters in Australia have been spending their Christmas Day, trying to control fires which have engulfed vast areas around Sydney. Plus, at this time of over-indulgence, The World's Bianca Hillier tells us about new research on the benefits of putting on your hiking boots and going for more than a stroll around the block. And, Carolyn Beeler reprises her journey to Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica where scientists see the consequences of warming oceans on one of the world's most remote giant glaciers.
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a German flag waves and a protester holds up a sign that says "tolerance Nazi"
The number of far-right extremists in Germany is up by a third in 2019. “Everyday there are police reports about swastikas and Hitler salutes; it has become a part of everyday life," said Max Aschenbach, who proposed the "Nazi emergency" motion in Dresden.
Full story - December 25, 2019
Trucks carry belongings of people fleeing from Maarat al-Numan, in northern Idlib, Syria, on Dec. 24, 2019.
Russian and Syrian forces have intensified aerial attacks on villages in southern Idlib, a province in northwest Syria. One local English teacher shares his experience of the attacks with The World.