Full story - June 09, 2021
An array of bitcoins
El Salvador becomes first country to approve bitcoin as a legal currency. And, US President Joe Biden begins the first overseas trip of his term in the UK, hoping to repair relations with Europe. Also, Nicaragua's National Police continues arrests of potential challengers for the upcoming November presidential elections.
Full episode - June 08, 2021
Law enforcement officials walk past an Operation Trojan Shield logo at a news conference, Tuesday, June 8, 2021, in San Diego.
Officials in the US, Australia and Europe on Tuesday for the first time revealed details on a massive criminal gang bust operation that involved law enforcement in more than 16 countries. Dubbed “Trojan Shield,” the operation entailed tricking crime bosses into using an encrypted messaging app. And, Gaza’s medical infrastructure was verging on collapse even before the recent conflict with Israel. Now, conditions are even more dire. Also, in celebration of the United Nations World Oceans Day, Cuban singer and violinist Yilian Cañizares has released a song called "Yemayá," her tribute to the West African goddess of the sea.
Full story - June 08, 2021
Law enforcement officials stand in front of an Operation Trojan Shield logo at a news conference
The encrypted device network called ANOM gave the FBI access to messages sent between suspected criminal gang members around the world.
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A woman holds on to a child's hand and she places flowers at a memorial
Yusuf Faqiri, director for public affairs at the National Council of Canadian Muslims, spoke with The World's Marco Werman about rising incidents of Islamophobia in Canada.
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Israeli border police officers and Palestinians clash during a protest against the expansion of Israeli Jewish settlements near the West Bank town of Salfit. 
Human rights groups have used the term apartheid strategically to emphasize the need for a paradigm shift in the region. But others argue that the loaded term doesn’t apply.
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A white wall with black ink drawings and a person standing to view it
"Time Difference," a new multimedia art exhibition by Katya Muromtseva, 31, urges viewers to listen to the voices of those who are critical of the Kremlin.
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A box containing stacks of cash with a 50 note stack from New Zealand on top
Global operation by Australia and the American FBI leads to the arrest of more than 800 suspected criminals. And the Nigerian government bans Twitter after the platform deleted a tweet from President Muhammadu Buhari. Also, a man in a pickup truck rams into a Muslim immigrant family in Canada on the street, killing four people.
Full story - June 07, 2021
A woman is shown with a clear face shield and face mask while receiving a vaccination shot by a health worker.
As new COVID-19 variants emerge, health authorities around the world are racing to inoculate people, while facing often disjointed rollouts and limited supplies of shots. As part of The World's regular series of conversations on the pandemic with Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reporter Elana Gordon moderated a discussion with a panel of experts on where we are now in the global coronavirus crisis.
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Harris at the podium in Guatemala on a diplomatic visit
About $13 billion are squandered as a result of corruption in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, says Adriana Beltran, an analyst with The Washington Office on Latin America.
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Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a news conference at the National Palace in Guatemala City, Monday, June 7, 2021.
Vice President Kamala Harris was in Guatemala on Monday, her first stop in a mission to work on reducing migration to the US by seeking to improve conditions in Central American countries. And, in Burkina Faso, two days ago, Islamist extremists killed more than 130 civilians, according to local officials. This was the worst terrorist atrocity in the history of the country. Also, cities around the world are designing reopening plans and imagining postpandemic life. Human behavior is hard to change, but experts say this is an opportunity to create a new normal.