Billionaire American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has a plan to jumpstart Spain's slow economy: Vegas. No, he's not taking the national fortune to the craps table -- he wants to build a Vegas-style resort in Madrid. He says it will draw 10 million people per year.
Prague is a major tourist draw in Europe's Czech Republic. But, like much of Europe, the city and country have its share of economic problems, which are contributing to a rise in homelessness. But one tourism company is harnessing that and hiring the homeless as tour guides. And they have a distinctly different point of view.
Scientists are always discovering new species, but usually they're insects, or maybe a bird. Rarely are they a mammal. But that's exactly what they discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo recently: A new species of monkey, the Lesula.
Latino activists are working hard to get Hispanics registered to vote in time for the November elections. According to figures, that community breaks overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama, but in the last election they didn't turn out in great numbers to vote in the last election. Will that change?
Turkey is hosting tens of thousands of refugees, fleeing the months-long civil war in Syria. But as the conflict wears on, tensions between the Syrian people and their Turkish hosts are rising.
Osama bin Laden's influence on the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims had started to wane in recent years. But after 2011, when he was killed in a Pakistan raid by U.S. forces, he re-entered the thoughts -- and culture -- once more.
There are literally thousands of different species of ants around the world. A trio of American researchers are traveling the world, to museums and natural habitats, to take high-quality pictures of them, to preserve and make accessible their complex diversity for scientists around the world.
When Angola was still a colony of Portugal, dance clubs in Angola produced a kind of distinct music that took fire and eventually took Portugal by storm. Now, a new band of Portugese and Angolans is taking that old kuduro sound and turning it into new music.
Residents of the Palestinian West Bank are restless after a series of moves have dramatically raised their cost of living while wages are not being paid. Several protests have been held, leading Palestinian leaders to promise changes.
The United States is held in high regard in Kosovo because of its role in supporting the former Serbian province's bid for independence. So, for many Kosovars, having a beefy American muscle car is a high sign of status. So much so that Kosovars living abroad, even in the U.S., often bring their cars home with them on vacation.