Full story - September 25, 2020
People attend a campaign rally by US President Donald Trump at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville, Florida, Sept. 24, 2020.
The president's refusal to defend a core democratic concept brought swift rebukes, with a chorus of voices saying that this does not happen in America. The Senate even unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming the Legislature's commitment to an orderly transition. 
Full episode - September 25, 2020
President Donald Trump with his hands outstreched while wearing a dark suit and red tie with US flags behind him.
This week, President Donald Trump declined to commit to a peaceful transfer of power — the foundation of democracy in the US — in the aftermath of the November election. And, Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, will be different in Israel this year. As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, the Israeli government imposed further restrictions on its people already in a nationwide lockdown. Plus, Britain’s Royal Festival Hall reopens with a new season inspired by this past summer’s Black Lives Matters protests.
Full story - September 25, 2020
US President Donald Trump sits in front of a CAL FIRE firefighting aircraft as California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks during a briefing on wildfires in McClellan Park, Calif., Sept. 14, 2020. 
Though the presidential contenders disagree on many issues, perhaps none is as stark as their fundamental divergence on the issue of global warming and how to reverse ecological doom.
Full episode - September 25, 2020
A young boy is shown wearing a red mask and holding a pencil while sitting on a mat next to a tree outside for school.
School communities are divided as they try and reopen amid the coronavirus. As part of our series on the pandemic, The World's Elana Gordon moderated a discussion with Harvard healthy buildings expert Joseph Allen.
Full story - September 25, 2020
A group of police officers are shown carrying large weapons and wearing face masks while walking down the middle of a street.
In Paris, near the former office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, at least two people were stabbed Friday, with one suffering serious injuries. And, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has apologized for the killing of a South Korean government worker who was shot and burned after crossing into the North just off the shore. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a cyber truce between Moscow and Washington.
Full story - September 24, 2020
Smoke rises from the Bobcat Fire burning near Mount Wilson in the Angeles National Forest, near Los Angeles, Sept. 23, 2020.
Judy Schwartz, author of "The Reindeer Chronicles," has spent years spotting the good news on global warming and the environment. She talked to The World's host Marco Werman about her new book.
Full story - September 24, 2020
Standing in a grassy field, Joe Biden speaks about climate change during a campaign event held outside the Delaware Museum of Natural History in Wilmington, Delaware, Sept. 14, 2020.
In 2017, President Donald Trump announced he was pulling the US out of the Paris agreement, calling the deal "draconian." But Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he’ll put the country on course again if he’s elected. 
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Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a candidate for the presidential elections in Belarus, greets people during a meeting in her support in Brest, Belarus, Aug. 2, 2020.
Many in Belarus and across Europe say the Aug. 9 presidential election was rigged and that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is the true president.
Full episode - September 24, 2020
A large crowd of people are shown in the dark of night with a woman holding a placard with an illustration of Breonna Taylor on it.
Thursday's announcement that the police officers involved in the March killing of Breonna Taylor would not face homicide charges is yet another low for activists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement around the world. And, protesters in Belarus have been in the streets since early August calling for the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. The World's host Marco Werman speaks with Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Plus, 94-year-old veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is now on Instagram, gaining a million followers in a matter of hours. His goal is to spread the word about environmental destruction and to share ideas on how to save the planet.
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A group of people are shown in a demonstration with one person carrying a sign that says, "Say Her Name."
Global eyes are on renewed racial justice protests in the US, with demonstrations again erupting in several cities around the country in response to Wednesday’s announced decision not to charge Kentucky police officers for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. And, Hong Kong police arrested Joshua Wong and a second pro-democracy activist on Thursday for having joined a rally last October. Also, North Korean troops shot and killed a South Korean official allegedly trying to defect to Pyongyang.