Full episode - March 12, 2019
Companies Might Have to 'Lean In' to Transparency by Reporting Salaries  For all the leaning in, women still made 82 cents on the dollar in 2017. Women of color fared even worse. U.N. Environment Assembly Begins in Nairobi Thousands of officials, including heads of state and business leaders, are in Nairobi this week for the UN’s Environment Assembly. Cleaning Up After the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster After the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, Japan is continuing its clean-up of Fukushima. And it's getting a little assistance from an unlikely helper: robots.
Full episode - March 11, 2019
"I Felt the System Was Raping Me All Over Again": Senator McSally Reveals Sexual Assault in the Military Republican Senator Martha McSally from Arizona shared her story of assault in the military. Reports show things have not changed much since her rape by a superior officer. Trans Athletes Navigate the World of High School Sports As more high school students come out as trans, their experience as athletes can vary greatly depending on where they live.  Trump Rescinds Drone Strikes Transparency Order President Trump rolled back an Obama-era measure that requires the military and CIA to publish data on drone strikes carried out in non-combat zones.  Guests: Patricia Murphy Lory Manning Katie Barnes Jeremy Scahill Ned Price
Full episode - March 08, 2019
Divide Over Israel Remains After House Passes Generic "Anti-Hate" Measure After initial plans to condemn anti-Semitism more specifically were scrapped, the U.S. House of Representatives' Democratic leadership opted for a more generic "anti-hate" measure. Amy's Take: Where Have Bipartisan Priorities Gone? Amy Walter examines why Democrats and Republicans no longer agree about which issues demand the greatest urgency. Citizenship Question Defies Purpose of the Census, Says CA Sec. of State "Is this person a citizen of the United States?" That question has not been asked as part of the full, once-a-decade census since 1950.
Full episode - March 07, 2019
Border Crossings Swell as Resources for Migrants Diminish U.S. Customs and Border Protection released new data on migrant crossings at the border, revealing a system overwhelmed by more unauthorized crossings than seen in over a decade. How Natural Disasters and Recovery Efforts Discriminate Against the Poor The Alabama tornadoes blew through a low-income communities and left many mobile homes mangled.  EXCLUSIVE: New Jersey ICE Detainee Details Transfer, Force-Feeding During Hunger Strike A man detained by ICE in New Jersey told WNYC's Matt Katz that in 2018, while on a hunger strike, ICE transferred him from New Jersey to El Paso, where he was force-fed. Director Sebastián Lelio on Remaking His Own Film and the Limits of Representation “Gloria Bell,” a new movie starring Julianne Moore, opens this Friday. It’s an English-language remake of the 2013 Chilean film, “Gloria,” but both are made by director Sebastián Lelio. Guests: Sheri Fink Dr. Carlos Gutierrez Pat Duggins Matt Katz Ranjana Natarajan Sebastián Lelio
Full episode - March 06, 2019
For only the second time since the AIDS epidemic began, a patient is in long-term remission from H.I.V. The anonymous “London patient” appears to have been infection-free for the past year and a half, after receiving a bone marrow transplant for cancer. This comes nearly 12-years after the first patient -- Timothy Ray Brown -- went into remission by the same method. Joining The Takeaway to discuss this breakthrough and what it means for AIDS research going forward is Dr. Timothy J. Henrich, an AIDS specialist at the University of California, San Francisco. Also joining the show to give their perspectives on this news are two people living with HIV, David Gebel, administrative assistant for WNYC Studios and The Takeaway, and Michael, a chef based in New York City. Michael asked The Takeaway not to use his full name.   Music used in this episode was composed and produced by j. cowit.
Full episode - March 05, 2019
Voices from Alabama: Working Through the Aftermath of a Deadly Storm 23 are confirmed dead after tornadoes struck Alabama on Sunday. The Takeaway hears from local leaders on how the community is working together in the aftermath of the storm. What Jared Kushner's Relationship with the Saudi Crown Prince Means for the U.S.  A week after Jared Kushner's trip to the Middle East, we provide a closer look at his relationship with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  U.S.-Backed Juan Guaido Returns to Conflict-Stricken Venezuela  The U.S. has thrown its support behind the self-declared president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido. But who, exactly, is he? World Wildlife Fund Accused of Supporting Guards Who Torture and Murder According to a new investigation, the World Wildlife Fund is funding guards in Africa and Asia who have committed gross human rights abuses, including torture and murder. Guests: Pastor Jeff Meyers Dr. Mac McCoy Bill Harris David D. Kirkpatrick Ana Vanessa Herrero Katie J.M. Baker
Full episode - March 04, 2019
Thousands of Children Complained of Sexual Abuse in Immigrant Detention A total of 178 sexual harassment complaints elevated to the Department of Justice alleged that adult staff members sexually assaulted immigrant children in HHS custody. The Cost of Being Queer A new series from the podcast Nancy, "Queer Money Matters" explores how queer folks navigate an economy built for straight, cisgender people.  Indictment and Election Loom for Israel's Prime Minister Israeli elections are just over a month away, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future may be more in jeopardy now than ever before. No Charges Against Sacramento Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Last Year The Sacramento district attorney announced this weekend that no charges would be filed against two officers who killed Stephon Clark in his grandmother's backyard last year. Guests: Rep. Ted Deutch Silvia Foster-Frau Tobin Low Kathy Tu Isabel Kershner Nick Miller
Full episode - March 01, 2019
Amy Walter talked to Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, a Democrat from Illinois, who serves on both the Committee On Oversight And Reform and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, he was in both the public Cohen hearing on Wednesday and the closed door hearing on Thursday. Congressman Krishnamoorthi told Amy he does not believe that now is the right time to start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. He wants to wait until after the Mueller investigation is over.  Yoni Appelbaum, a senior editor at The Atlantic, and the author of their March cover story, IMPEACH, disagrees with Congressman Krishnamoorthi's assessment. He says the legislators saying wait have got it wrong. We speak to journalist Yoni Appelbaum about why he thinks it’s time to impeach President Trump.  But what about the argument against? For that we turn to Don Calloway, a Democratic strategist. Throughout history only two presidents have actually faced impeachment, what can we learn about the circumstances then and how it could impact the decision to impeach President Trump or not? For that we talk to Leah Wright Rigueur, an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
Full episode - February 28, 2019
Examining Michael Jackson's Legacy Through the Lens of His Accusers A new HBO documentary chronicles the lives of two men who say that Michael Jackson abused them as children. Mayoral Elections Set the Stage for a New Chapter in Chicago Tuesday was Election Day in Chicago as voters went to the polls to elect a new mayor. Two candidates, both African-American women, are now heading into a runoff election in April. Leaving a Crisis in Washington, Trump Meets Kim in Hanoi In the shadows of Cohen’s testimony, President Trump shook hands with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam for the start of his second official summit with the North Korean leader. Tensions Rise Between India and Pakistan  A look at the longstanding tension between India and Pakistan in Kashmir and what further escalation could mean for the region.
Full episode - February 27, 2019
How Michael Cohen Went from Loyal Attorney to Key Trump Critic Michael Cohen was once one of Donald Trump's fiercest supporters. Today, he's expected to bring revelations to the House Oversight Committee. What led to his unexpected turn? Breaking Down the Key Players in the Mueller Investigation Beyond Michael Cohen, a number of other figures have emerged as targets of the Mueller investigation. The Takeaway breaks down the key players, from Paul Manafort to Roger Stone. Cohen Testimony Puts Spotlight on Trump Organization With the focus on Michael Cohen, we remember what's going on with the president's children and the Trump Organization.  You Asked, We Answered: The Mueller Investigation  From the latest on the investigation to the possibility of impeachment, we took your questions.  Guests: Amy Sabrin Rebecca Davis O’Brien Ilya Marritz Andrew Prokop Andrea Bernstein Marcy Wheeler