Full episode - July 04, 2019
Even as our national focus has turned towards cyber threats, vulnerabilities in our election systems abound -- from outdated voting machines and hack-able technology to lack of paper back-ups and no procedural standards across states or even counties.
Full episode - July 03, 2019
We speak with a former Border Patrol agent about the evolution of the agency and its culture, and how people are recruited and retained.
Full episode - July 02, 2019
Across the globe, tourism is on the rise, and our planet is feeling it. By some estimates, global tourism accounts for nearly 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. 
Full episode - July 01, 2019
Donald Trump is the first sitting U.S. president to step onto North Korean soil. Was it a step toward peace and cooperation, or toward nuclear appeasement?
Full episode - June 28, 2019
At this year's Aspen Ideas Festival, Amy hosted back-to-back post-debate discussions with a panel of influential writers. We'll hear excerpts from the conversation, in an effort to provide analysis of the first Democratic debates of the 2020 presidential campaign. We also talk with two academics to discuss how their policy work could be used in tandem with politics to bring about change in areas of technology and inequality. Finally, Amy reflects on the LGBTQ movement, on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Guests: Kristen Soltis Anderson, co-founder of Echelon Insights and author of The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America (and How Republicans Can Keep Up) Rich Lowry, editor-in-chief of National Review Jonathan Capehart, opinion writer for The Washington Post and a member of its editorial board; he also hosts the “Cape Up” podcast Raj Chetty, professor of economics at Harvard University, and the director of Opportunity Insights Ramesh Srinivasan, professor and director of the Digital Cultures Lab at UCLA Ilene Chaiken, co-creator of The L Word and executive producer of Empire
Full episode - June 27, 2019
Life After Overdose, Part 4: The Future We conclude our series "Life After Overdose" with a look at what life is like today for Lauren and April, and what comes next for each of them.  Comedian Ramy Youssef Finds the Humor in Stories We Aren't Supposed to Laugh About Ramy Youssef sits down with The Takeaway to discuss his personal approach to writing jokes about some very taboo subjects. Stonewall in 50 Acts with Trans Activists of Color Taking Center Stage The plays aim to address the contributions and impact of people of color and trans people who have been largely erased from contemporary depictions of Stonewall. Other segments: Climate Change Was a Top Issue at Democratic Primary Debate in Miami The Democratic primary debates kicked off in Miami, a city at the forefront of climate change in the country. The Supreme Court's Decisions on Representation in Government  Two legal analysts break down today's rulings from the Supreme Court, which both have an impact on representation in government. 
Full episode - June 26, 2019
Two Iranian American Voices Give Perspective to US-Iran Conflict  Two Iranian-Americans who have witnessed how the relationship between the U.S. and Iran have impacted Iranians living in the U.S. and back in Iran gave their perspective on the conflict. Life After Overdose, Part 3: Families In the third part of our series "Life After Overdose": how families are impacted when a loved one is addicted, overdoses, and survives. Journalists Detained at Border Told to Turn Over Devices with Confidential Source Info CBP agents took the laptop of Rolling Stone contributing editor, and interrogated him about its contents for hours. For some journalists, it's a common occurrence. Tragic Photograph of Border Drowning Puts Spotlight on Migrants Trying to Reach US A photograph of a father and daughter who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande shows the desperation in the midst of stricter immigration policies in the U.S. and Mexico.
Full episode - June 25, 2019
Plant-Based Meat Alternatives are Beefing Up in Popularity  Plant-based meat has seen a boom in popularity but is it really all its chalked up to be? Migrants, Refugees Sent to Dangerous Mexican Border Towns to Await Hearings  The U.S. is sending Central American migrants fleeing gang violence back to Mexican cities with reputations for gang violence to await their asylum hearings.  Cubans are Migrating to the U.S. After Sanctions Leave Them Scrambling for Food The island is facing one of the worst economic crises since the post-Soviet period. Life After Overdose, Part 2: Efforts, from the Hospital to the Neighborhood In the second part of "Life After Overdose," we go to Columbus, Ohio, to meet with an ER doctor who faces overdose patients daily. He shares his efforts to steer them to recovery. Other segments: We Heard from You: Milestone Moments, 50 Years After Stonewall  Listeners share a specific moment in the movement for LGBTQ rights that has stuck with them. 
Full episode - June 24, 2019
“The Children are Dirty, They're Sick": Extreme Overcrowding and Unsanitary Conditions Reported at Migrant Detention Centers Last week, migrant children being held in a Customs and Border Protection facility in Clint, Texas told a team of lawyers they hadn't bathed in weeks and are sleeping on concrete floors. South Bend Locals Question Buttigieg's Leadership After Police Shooting of Black Resident  Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s local leadership is being questioned after the death of South Bend resident Eric Logan, who was shot and killed by a white police officer. Instant Replay Draws Scrutiny in Women's World Cup Instant replay in soccer — known as VAR for Video Assistant Referee — is here to stay, but that hasn't stopped the controversy around it from dominating World Cup conversations.  Life After Overdose, Part 1: The Overdose In the first part of our series "Life After Overdose," we meet 41-year-old Lauren Hamilton, and 25-year-old April Erion. Both survived opioid overdoses in the last year. Other segments: The Trump Campaign Has Not Paid Their Police Bills  The Trump campaign owes at least $841,219 to ten different municipal governments for police services during his campaign rallies.  
Full episode - June 23, 2019
As U.S. voters increasingly spend more of their lives online, political campaigns and other outside groups are trying to figure out how best to meet them on these digital spaces. But in the rush to perfect the effectiveness of digital ads, regulators have been slow to catch up. Will the lessons of 2016, and what can happen when nefarious actors hijack those platforms to spread disinformation, prove an effective warning for 2020 and beyond? And will Democrats be able to catch up to the Trump campaign's robust online operation? Also, continuing with our "Candidate Talk" series, Amy talks with Senator Michael Bennet about trying to break out in a crowded Democratic field. Guests: Patrick Ruffini, Republican digital strategist, partner and co-founder of Echelon Insights, a polling and data analytics firm Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA, a Democratic super PAC Kevin Roose, tech columnist for Business Day at The New York Times Young Mie Kim, professor at the school of journalism and mass communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Ellen Weintraub, Chair of the Federal Election Commission Michael Bennet, United States Senator from Colorado, Democratic Presidential candidate