Full episode - February 21, 2020
Democratic strategist Joel Payne, Maya King from Politico, and Jon Ralston from The Nevada Independent join Politics with Amy Walter to discuss Saturday's caucus in Nevada and how candidates fared this week.  On Wednesday, Michael Bloomberg joined his rivals in Nevada for his first debate as a presidential candidate. The former mayor has positioned himself as a moderate businessman alternative to President Donald Trump. While he's spent millions on highly-produced advertisements, his debate performance has caused some to question whether the appeal from his ads translates into a candidate that could beat President Trump. Rosie Gray from BuzzFeed News shares some insights from the campaign trail.  On Super Tuesday, California's 415 Democratic delegates will be up for grabs. But as of writing, more than one million voters have already submitted their ballots. Paul Mitchell of Political Data Inc. shares how campaigns are trying to sway voters ahead of March 3rd.  Also, a look at the role Latino voters will play in the Democratic primary and beyond. We hear from Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia of Texas, Mark Hugo Lopez from the Pew Research Center, and Dr. Stephen Nuño-Perez from Latino Decisions. 
Full episode - February 20, 2020
Climate Change Finds Its Way onto the Debate Stage in Nevada Studies have also shown that Latino voters are more engaged with the issue of climate change than other voting groups. Why Aren't There More Famous Female Magicians? Sexism and social biases have historically prevented female magicians from becoming as famous as male magicians. Indigenous-Led Pipeline Protests Bring Canada to a Standstill For two weeks now, activists across Canada have blockaded rail lines and ports to protest the construction of a natural gas pipeline on Wet’suwet’en First Nation territory. A Honduran Girl, Separated from Her Family for Six Years In 2013, a 10-year-old Honduran girl requested asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. After being placed into the system, their family never heard from her again.
Full episode - February 19, 2020
Mixed Messages As Secretary Pompeo Visits Africa It’s only the second visit by a Secretary of State during this administration. California to Apologize to Japanese Americans for Internment Camps The state of California is issuing an apology in the form of a bipartisan bill that’s expected to pass today.  Bankruptcy Filing Complicates Future of Abuse Cases Against the Boy Scouts of America On Tuesday, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy filing has raised concerns about what the move means for the future of sexual abuse cases against the group. 
Full episode - February 18, 2020
Census 2020: How Community Leaders in Oklahoma Are Working to Prevent an Undercount Oklahoma is one of several states that has allocated no funds to the rollout of the 2020 census, leaving non-profit organizations to pick up the slack. Black Dance Creators Are Not Getting The Credit They Deserve The video game Fortnite and influencers on TikTok make massive profits from using dances made by black creators without even crediting them.   The Amazon's Priest Shortage Reignites Debate over Celibacy in the Catholic Church In some of the most remote areas of the Amazon, Catholics will sometimes have to wait months between masses, sometimes years. 
Full episode - February 17, 2020
Trump Administration Escalates Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities It will deploy dozens of border patrol agents in cities that have pushed back against its immigration enforcement policies, including Los Angeles and Houston.   Why Public Transportation Is Such an Important Site of Civil Rights Protest Transportation has long been a staging ground for civil rights protests. And U.S. history is filled with the stories of those who stood up to discrimination on public transit. The Exploitative Contracts Between Strippers and Strip Clubs Genea Sky fell from a 15-foot pole in Dallas. As a contract worker, she cannot access workers compensation or employee insurance. 
Full episode - February 14, 2020
Andrew Prokop of Vox, Adam Harris of The Atlantic, and Philip Bump of The Washington Post join Politics with Amy Walter to discuss the results from New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sander's perceived lead, and Attorney General William Barr's handling of sentencing recommendations for Roger J. Stone. Also, The Democratic Party of Nevada is trying to avoid the tech issues that disrupted the final result of the Iowa caucuses. Rebecca Katz of New Deal Strategies and Megan Messerly of The Nevada Independent weigh in on the process and how candidates are making their case to voters in the final days before the caucuses.  Finally, Maya King of Politico and Errin Haines of The 19th* join Amy Walter to discuss how presidential hopefuls are modifying their messages to court black voters. 
Full episode - February 12, 2020
What Bernie Sander's New Hampshire Victory Means for the Democratic Primary Sen. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. The Takeaway's Amy Walter weighs in on what the results mean for the weeks ahead. Is Abortion the Litmus Test for Democrats Today? At Friday's debate in New Hampshire, almost all the candidates went out of their way to reaffirm their support of abortion. Siba, a Standard Poodle, Wins 144th Westminster Dog Show Siba, a standard poodle, was crowned "Best in Show" at the 144th West Minister Dog Show in New York on Tuesday.
Full episode - February 11, 2020
Coronavirus Continues to Spread Despite Mass Quarantines in China As the number of confirmed infections continues to climb in China, how effective has quarantine been?  'Birds of Prey' Director Cathy Yan on Crafting Her Own Vision of Gotham City The Takeaway speaks with Cathy Yan about helming 'Birds of Prey' and why studios are finally acknowledging that the fan base for superhero movies extends far beyond teenage boys. The National Archives Is Deleting Records About Trump’s ICE Policies In 2017 the Archives agreed to let Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials delete or destroy documents that detail the sexual abuse and death of undocumented immigrants
Full episode - February 10, 2020
Will Radical Resistance Movements Shaking up the Globe Reach the U.S.? Protests in the U.S. have typically focused on changing "the system," rather than overthrowing it. Gayle King Comes Under Fire for Interview About Kobe Bryant's Legacy This taps into longstanding cultural expectations of black women and the black family, and the priority of upholding and defending black men. Should We Be Concerned About Election Security in the U.S.? The problems with the Iowa caucuses have led to new concerns about voting system vulnerabilities across the country.  New Hampshire Voters Ready for Primary on TuesdayTomorrow, all eyes will be on New Hampshire as the state readies for the country’s first presidential primary.