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Today on Politics with Amy Walter, we follow the money in the 2018 midterm elections. Where is it all coming from? And what is it doing to our democracy? The big money is spent on competitive races - and those costs get up into the tens of millions. This hour we hear from political strategists and...

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Business, Economics and Jobs

An economy on the brink

Every day seems to reveal a new, grimmer economic number. This week it's a big drop in home prices, small economic growth, and a potential interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve Board. Peter Goodman of The New York Times helps The Takeaway understand what those numbers will mean for our pocketbooks.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Brother, can you spare a kidney?

Iran is the only country in the world not suffering from an organ shortage. It's also the only country that legally permits kidney vending. Takeaway expert and 'Freakonomics' co-author Stephen Dubner tells us about us Iran's free market for organs. Guest: 'Freakonomics' co-author Stephen Dubner.

Science, Tech & Environment

Geneticists solve a beta blocker puzzle

It was a medical enigma: Why do many black patients respond differently to a class of heart drugs called beta blockers? Researchers now say a genetic variant allows 40 percent of black patients to produce their own version of the drugs. Dr. Stephen Liggett tells The Takeaway about his study and the potential impacts on health care.