What's the Link Between Hurricanes and Climate Change? 2019-09-03

September 03, 2019

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What's the Link Between Hurricanes and Climate Change?

Some experts say hurricanes like Dorian are becoming more intense due to global warming.  

Hong Kong Students are Heading Back to School, But Protesters Still Aren't Backing Down

Authorities in mainland China had hoped the demonstrations would die down by the fall.

Rural Communities Struggle to Continue Providing Emergency Medical Services

In the rural United States, communities depend on emergency medical services, but operating an ambulance in these areas comes with a unique set of challenges. 

Why are Workplace Menopause Polices Being Pushed For in the UK and Not the US?

Politicians in the UK have been calling for workplace's to have menopause policies and awareness, that's not the case in the US. 

More Than a Century After 'The Jungle,' Meatpacking Industry Still Relies on Immigrants

On Labor Day, the horrifying realities of being an undocumented immigrant worker in the meatpacking industry. 

U.S.-Born Latinos Struggle to Gain Visibility in Hollywood

A new report outlines the bleak state of Latino representation in the film industry, but the research also undersells the lack of opportunity for U.S.-born Latinos in Hollywood.