What's Happening at the NRA? 2019-09-04

September 04, 2019

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What's Happening at the NRA?

For the last year, the National Rifle Association has been in turmoil, from financial uncertainty and legal disputes to leadership struggles and the shuttering of NRATV.

Congressman Lacy Clay Demands Action After 12 Children Shot to Death in St. Louis

Missouri Governor Mike Parson refused to address gun violence in a special legislative session.

Domestic Workers are Still Fighting for Basic Labor Rights 

Domestic workers don't have basic labor rights like paid sick time. The Domestic Workers Bill Of Rights Act, introduced in July, is trying to change that. 

Need for Home Care Workers Grows, But They're Exploited

These positions are among the hardest and lowest paid in the country.

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Methane Regulation Rollbacks Meet Resistance from Oil and Gas Companies

Environmental organizations, climate scientists and public health groups, as well as oil and gas companies, have all spoken out against this rollback.