Is Vaping More Dangerous Than It Seems? 2019-09-05

September 05, 2019

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Is Vaping More Dangerous Than It Seems?

Hundreds of patients with severe respiratory illnesses have reported using e-cigarette products.

The Legacy of Venus and Serena Williams 

Serena Williams won her 100th singles victory at the Open, despite reports that she injured her ankle just days before. 

Pro-Beijing Counter-Protesters in the U.S. Clash with Pro-Hong Kong Protesters

What do these clashes tell us about the protests' future?

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North Carolina Judges Rule Republican-Drawn Legislative District Map Is Unconstitutional 

Three North Carolina judges gave the Republican state legislature until September 18th to redraw the map. 

When Can the Government Separate a Parent from Child at the Border? 

Beth Fertig is a senior reporter with WNYC and she told us one father’s story.