For Religious Communities, What Happens After an Attack?

October 30, 2018

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For Religious Communities, What Happens After an Attack?

We speak with three people who lost family and friends as a result of attacks at their places of worship.

Montana Decides Whether to Keep Taxing to Fund Public Colleges

Decreasing support for higher education in Montana could mean the first "no" vote for using property taxes to support public colleges. 

Alaskans to Vote on Salmon Habitat Regulations

Alaskan voters will be deciding to whether to better protect salmon habitats on Election Day.

14-Year Oil Spill Shows No Signs of Slowing

Taylor Energy has sued the federal government to end its responsibility to stop the Gulf of Mexico spill, which began in 2004. 

After Synagogue Massacre, How Should Parents Talk to Their Children?

If parents have trouble facing the reality of what happened, it can seem especially challenging to broach the subject with children.


Mindy Corporon

Pardeep Kaleka

Deacon Kevin McCormack

Kirk Carapezza

Elizabeth Harball 

Michael Kunzelman

Jennifer Rich