Podcast: Is the U.S. Immigration Policy 'Inhumane?' 2019-06-10

June 10, 2019

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Is the U.S. Immigration Policy 'Inhumane?' 

Last week, the Trump administration announced that it will cut funding for soccer and education programs for unaccompanied children in federal custody.

ICE Records: Ill Migrant Continued Working in ICE Custody Until He Was Hospitalized. Three Weeks Later, He Died.

Yulio Castro-Garrido died in January 2018, after spending a month and a half at the ICE Stewart Detention Center.

YouTube Has New Policy to Remove Videos Pushing Extreme Views

YouTube announced last Wednesday the latest attempt by tech companies to clean up hate speech, but will it be enough?

The South American Fight for 'Futbol Feminista' 

The Women's World Cup has once again highlighted the disparities between the men's and women's teams in South America — and brought attention to the new push for "feminist" soccer. 

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"The Last Black Man in San Francisco" follows a man attempting to return to his family’s home in a gentrified San Francisco that no longer has a place for black Americans.