Podcast: Rethinking the Response to Mass Shootings 2019-06-03

June 03, 2019

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Rethinking the Response to Mass Shootings

After a mass shooting in Virginia Beach left 12 people dead, The Takeaway examines how government officials, the public, and the media respond to mass shootings in this moment.

New Round of Israeli Elections Threaten to Complicate Trump Administration's Plans in the Middle East

Israel is back in election mode, as lawmakers dissolved the parliament after Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government. New elections are scheduled for September.

Killings by Police, Corruption Allegations, Political Impasse: An Update on Brazil's Bolsonaro

It has been five months since the far-right president took office and his popularity continues to drop.

US Playing to Win the World Cup, and a Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

The US women's soccer team are looking to win their fourth World Cup title, even as they are suing for gender discrimination. 

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How Close is the Next Recession?

According to the "yield curve," which looks at the bond market, another recession might be closer than we think.