Podcast: Rethinking Public Spaces in the Wake of Mass Shootings 2019-08-08

August 08, 2019

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Rethinking Public Spaces in the Wake of Mass Shootings

As mass shootings continue to happen in public spaces, many people in the United States say their sense of safety has been deeply shaken.

A Leadership Crisis in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court has ruled that the new governor, Pedro R. Pierluisi, was sworn in last week on unconstitutional grounds.

Venezuela Hit with More U.S. Sanctions as Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

The latest sanctions come more than three months after opposition leader Juan Guaidó's attempted coup stalled.

Other Segments:

Ferguson's New Generation of Activists

Michael Brown's death, and the protests that followed, inspired a new generation of activists in and around Ferguson.

Former Police Captain Shares His Experiences of Ferguson

Captain Ron Johnson, a veteran of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, led police operations in Ferguson for the weeks and months of protests following Michael Brown's death.