Podcast: Native Leaders Invite 2020 Candidates to Presidential Forum 2019-07-10

July 10, 2019

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Native Leaders Invite 2020 Candidates to Presidential Forum

The forum will be hosted by Native organizations in Sioux County to talk about issues specifically related to Native Americans.

Joy of World Cup Victory Contrasts with Fight for Equal Pay

As the US women's soccer team celebrated their fourth World Cup win with a ticker tape parade in New York, the players continue to fight for equal pay and more investment in the sport.

Farai Chideya on the Broken Adoption System in the U.S.

The journalist and author has had three adoptions fall through.

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The Iranian Diplomat Behind the Nuclear Deal, Now Caught in the Middle 

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was integral to the 2015 nuclear deal. But now he's under fire from hardliners on both sides. 

Can Cities Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis? 

There is an undeniable affordable housing crisis in this country. But when local leaders try to step in and solve this problem, there’s often big time pushback from local residents.