Podcast: A Former Border Patrol Agent on the Culture of CBP 2019-07-03

July 03, 2019

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A Former Border Patrol Agent on the Culture of CBP

We speak with a former Border Patrol agent about the evolution of the agency and its culture, and how people are recruited and retained.

UN Report Highlights Violence Against Yemeni Children

A new UN report on the conflict in Yemen shows how the war has impacted the country’s youngest.

Social Media Takes On Misleading Health Claims

Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are taking action to keep medical misinformation from gaining traction.

Musicians Strike in Baltimore as Nationwide Orchestras Face Changes

As symphonies adapt to lower ticket sales and the changing cultural landscape, we take a look at Baltimore, where musicians are protesting payroll cuts.

Other segments:

Alaska's Governor Slashes Funding to Universities

Alaska’s Republican governor has cut nearly 41 percent of the state’s higher education operating budget.