A Night of Firsts: Women and Underrepresented Groups Make History

November 07, 2018

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Election Roundup: Voters Choose Divided Government 

It’s the day after Election Day, so what do we know? 

After Losing the House, Republican Party Charts New Path Forward

What does the loss of the House of Representatives mean for the Republican Party and President Trump's agenda?

Midterms 2018: How Ballot Measures Fared Around the Country 

We get an update on various ballot measures from states around the country.

1.5 Million Ex-Felons in Florida Regain Voting Rights 

Over million people in Florida regained the right to vote, the largest single enfranchisement since the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

When Voting Problems Become Voter Suppression

We explore reports of voter suppression and intimidation and the impact these tactics may have had on the outcome of the vote. 

A Night of Firsts: Women and Underrepresented Groups Make History 

Native American women and Muslim women are among the groups to be represented in Congress for the first time.


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