Growing Concerns about U.S. Election System Ahead of 2020 2019-08-28

August 28, 2019

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Growing Concerns about U.S. Election System Ahead of 2020

On Monday, vice chairman of the Federal Election Commission Matthew Petersen announced his resignation. 

Will Brazil's Far-Right President Fight Raging Fires in the Amazon?

Brazil’s space research center reported a 77 percent increase in fires in the Amazon. Climate scientists worry that large parts of this rain forest will not be recoverable.

Leakers are Making Bank by Uploading Bootlegs and Fake Songs to Music Streaming Services

Streaming services are struggling with the fact that unscrupulous posters are gaming their platforms to make tens of thousands of dollars off of stolen music.

You Can Now Track Gun Suspects in Chicago 

The Chicago Police Department has launched a controversial new online tool that lets the public track people who have been arrested for gun-related offenses.

It Could Get Harder to Prove Housing Discrimination

The rule change would make it almost impossible to sue for housing discrimination if an algorithm is involved — but algorithms aren't free from bias.