As Distrust Grows, Who's Going to Lead?

December 28, 2018

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As Distrust Grows, Who's Going to Lead? 

An hour-long look on American leadership begins with a look at just how dire the leadership and trust crisis is, and the historical analogies. 

How Grassroots Leadership is Changing America

As trust in national leadership wanes, local leaders are filling the void, says one activist. 

Jelani Cobb on Shifting Leadership Voices

Conversations about race are perhaps more honest than they have been in decades, but how does talk translate to a shift in behavior?

The State of Conservative Leadership

While the party has more power than ever, conservatives still question the leadership of the party, and who's in charge. 

Katie Couric on Americans Distrust in Mainstream Media

One institution that Americans have really lost faith in - the media. But journalism is crucial for our democracy. So how do we fix this?


Jelani Cobb

Ramesh Ponnuru

Eric Liu

Katie Couric

Note: This episode originally aired on July 6, 2018.